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    Job Search Advice

    What's one piece of Job Search Advice that you would share with someone that has decided to begin hunting?
    Maybe we can start to build a resource library and eventually categorize by subjects like:

    Resume Writing
    Cover Letters
    Interviewing Skills

    Job search is a key skill that we should start developing as early in life as possible. The skill has the same importance as the skill to hunt used to be in the past, and serves the same purpose. That was the philosophical aspect of things. For the one piece of job search advice that I often tell myself and anyone who happens to ask me about it is to appear interested but not desperate. I know it's easier said than done, but no one likes to work with a desperate person. For example, if one believes that a job they are applying to should pay at least $15/= per hour, yet out of desperation they asked for $8/= per hour then they appear desperate.


      Being a person who is mostly now on the other side of the table AH, one piece of advice to job seekers: Be yourself. Just the freakin truthful yourself. No faking otherwise its bound to fail.

      Who knows you can be the Mike Ross of "Suits"..

      Btw, a lot many friends of mine emphasize on resume writing to be done by a professional even if you have to pay a couple hundred bucks. I personally disagree but at the same time it depends upon individual's skills. So yea in the end do pay if you are even remotely doubtful about the presentation.
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        Originally posted by SID_NY View Post
        one piece of advice to job seekers: Be yourself. Just the freakin truthful yourself. No faking otherwise its bound to fail.
        Story time?
        "Some people believe that necessity is the mother of Invention, but they're wrong, its War" - James May


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          Sure sounds like there's a story there, doesn't it?

        From personal experience: Have someone look over your resume to see where it is lacking. In my case, my cousin who worked in the Human Resources and had plenty experience with hiring and firing and analyzing resumes, took a look at mine and helped me tweak it. It made a positive difference!

        Practice interview questions with someone. Someone who will give you feedback about your body language, your tone, where you sound weak or how to make yourself sound more self-assured. Practice those tricky questions like .....So what would you say is your strength or weakness?

        Do some background research on the company or organization you've applied to. If your bring up some of their deets in the interview, it shows your employer that you are well informed.

        Always keep this in the back of mind: Your rizq and is predetermined and you will end up getting what is written for you. Whatever job you didn't get despite your honest, best efforts, was not meant for you. Keep persisting with practical efforts and 2 very important adhkaar. Abundant istighfar and salawat which are strongly recommended when you need a job.
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