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Is it intelligence or something else?

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    Sir I did not say that overpopulation will destroy the world, all I said was if some humans stop breeding than it won’t be a tragedy. Over population will not destroy the world, it will destroy over populated countries. Yes most smart people say that artificial intelligence will destroy the world.
    And I am not saying humans are intelligent


      Originally posted by SindSagar View Post
      Question: Science is the Mother of Liberalism?

      Science has got nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism, right-wing or left-wing, socialism or capitalism, religion or anti-religion. Science is a body of knowledge that attempts to explain the physical world and how it works through testing a theory or hypothesis against robust experimentation, that can be repeated again and again to reach the same logical conclusion, whether for or against a given question (hypothesis). It constantly keeps changing in light of new evidence backed up by same experiments. Its not rigid or faith-based.

      There are countless examples where the scientific view is against the 'politically correct' general consensus e.g homosexual sex raises risk of HIV/AIDS BUT we do not ban gay relationship; circumcision helps prevent several STDs BUT its still considered cruel in many societies; selective marriages and sociogenetic engineering increases human potential BUT we still condemn Nazism; fertility declines with age BUT we still encourage women to focus on their chosen career; children in married households do better BUT we still allow cohabitation; teenage sex increases risk of cervical cancer but teenagers are still allowed to have sex amongst themselves, there are significant variations in the mental and physical faculties of different human races BUT we still promote quality and diversity.

      So please do not confuse science with political correctness, liberalism, libertinism, atheism, modernism, progressivism, etc etc.
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        Originally posted by decentGuy View Post
        That tells us that intelligence alone is not sufficient to make right decisions.
        Intelligence and wisdom should not be confused. Our primitive ape DNA precludes us from making right choices. I wonder what world would look like when we have robots a million times smarter than humans.
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          Originally posted by SindSagar View Post

          My Question is for all the Contributors on this Topic? @decentGuy; Bobby1; @Navzz and @SID_NY.

          Question: Science is the Mother of Liberalism? so How come Intelligent people who run our Courts System are Going against the Teachings of Science?

          Science tells us Human Babies are formed when a Female's egg is fertilized by a Male's sperm! Same Sex Parents is an Oxy Moron ...........

          Somehow i didnt get tag alert but to answer your question, I think two factors you mentioned are not directly linked at all. An intelligent person doesnt mean he/she automatically believes in Science and vice versa.

          As for judges, strongly think it has more to do with politics than science. Thats why judges tend to be conservatives as well, far opposite to liberalism.
          Attitude is more important than facts.
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