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    Golden Goose Went Missing

    This is an interesting read... but what is more interesting is the section where readers are commenting on IT in general. The quotes at the end of the post are just some sentences from readers’ responses…

    Kids still shunning IT in worrying numbers
    August 26 2004
    by Will Sturgeon

    Are we losing business, money and jobs, simply because kids don't think computers are cool?

    The latest GCSE results show continued apathy among schools and students for IT-related subjects and do little to encourage the industry that last week's poor showing in technical A-Levels wasn't a blip, with fears growing about a skills gap and companies looking overseas for new talent.

    For complete article:

    Readers’ Comments:

    “… where the political agenda is one of business survival for the Corporates where techs will be employed to serve Corp whims. Kinda' reminds me of Stalin and his political agenda.
    I'm thinking of moving up the careere ladder and becoming a cabbie.

    ..”poverty and job security equal to that of snowball in a sauna so why bother! “

    “Sow the wind reap the whirlwind that's what we get for letting accountants rule industry..”

    “When they see IT jobs being outsourced to India, Mexico, China etc, how can they view IT as a sound industry to provide a secure job?”

    “A career full of working weekends, having to retrain continuously, rampant ageism and senior management who see IT as cost not an asset.”

    “I'm of to build houses!! ( age 46)”
    “Ditch IT, let the outsourcers have it, and then, when it all goes wrong, who will the Government blame?? This country is slowly going to the dogs, with a government simply not interested in investment in its people.”

    “IT is competing with some very higly paid professions for the best minds, and let's face it, IT ain't winning..”