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Internships at the Pakistani Embassy

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    Internships at the Pakistani Embassy

    Assalam O Alaikum

    The Pakistani American Leadership Initiative (PALI) has announced its internship opportunities for the spring of 2004. Each of the positions listed below is available immediately and is based in Washington, DC.

    Spring Internships

    The listings below are currently available and need to be filled immediately. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For application instructions, deadlines, and more information please see guidelines at

    Research Internship with Former Finance Minister Shahid Javaid Burki Type of Position: Research Assistant/Intern. Minimum of 20 hours per week. Full-time committment is highly preferred. Start Date: Immediately Number of Positions Available: 1-2 Location: Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.Intern will eventually be shifted to one of the leading think tanks in Washington, DC.Qualifications: Undergraduate/Graduate Student or recent graduate. Economics, development studies, or other relevant fields.

    Description: Mr. Burki is former Finance Minister and Chief Economist of Pakistan, as well as one of Pakistan's premier intellectuals. He worked 25 years for the World Bank and is a graduate of Oxford University and Harvard University. Intern will be responsible for assisting Mr. Burki in conducting research for his latest book on Pakistan's economy.

    Pakistan's National Commission for Human Development Type of Position: Paid Internship, $12.50/hr. 20 hours per week. Start Date: Immediately Number of Positions Available:

    1 Location: United Nations Development Programme Liasion Office in Washington,DC. Qualifications: Recent graduate or graduate student.Strong communication and organization skills a must. Please note that this position requires a high degree of responsibility, committment, and initiative.

    Description: Fund-Raising, Donor Relations, Organizing Events. Pakistan's National Commission for Human Development is Musharraf's task force for human development in Pakistan which works to meet the UNDP's Millenium Development Goals, agreed to by Pakistan in 2000. UNDP has a unique parternship with Pakistan to help Pakistan meet these goals by 2015.Intern will be responsible for providing support for NCHD fund-raising efforts in the U.S.

    Congressional Internship
    Type of Position: Intern. Hours flexible. Start Date: ASAP Location: Capitol Hill Qualifications: Undergraduate Student or Graduate.Political Science, International Relations, or other relevant fields.

    Embassy of Pakistan, Office of the Deputy Chief of Mission

    Type of Position: Intern. Full-time.Number of Positions Available: 2 Location: Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC.Qualifications: Undergraduate/Graduate Student or recent graduate. International Relations, Political Science/Government,Media/Journalism or other relevant fields preferred. Strong writing skills.Description: Embassy of Pakistan internships offer a great deal in terms of experience and are, therefore,highly rewarding. Serious applicants are encouraged to consider the fall and spring terms as summer internship positions are extremely competitive.


    Mohammad Sadiq
    Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)
    Embassy of Pakistan
    Washington, DC


    Important Note: If you wish to contact any office/officer of the Embassy please go to our website at for direct email addresses and telephone numbers. Emails sent through this address to other officials are inordinately delayed due to the large number of mails received. Please note that attachments sent on this email address cannot be opened due to server policy. If you wish to become a member of Embassy email list please send us a request at [email protected]