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    Major trouble

    I cannot decide on a major, I was aiming at Bio Science but that major is taking over my life I don't even like Chemistry or Physics anymore too much effort and time for a person who is not even pre-med...I can't determine what I like, how are we supposed to figure this out?

    Mariyam, figuring out a major is not easy so don't worry, everyone goes through this...Unless you're one of those people who always wanted to do one thing in life or KNOW that they are gonna be doctors or lawyers or computer engineers or electrical engineers etc.

    Most people who are undecided have a tough time deciding majors. Take different classes in different subjects which you think could be interesting and see what you like. There's so many majors.

    What you you want to do in life? What interests you? What subjects do you enjoy and do well in? Take all sorts of classes and soon you'll figure it out.

    Also, your exact major does not matter sooooooo much. Its totally overrated. Many other things count too. Like your GPA, work experience etc.

    Like I was sooo hung up on what my major was going to be and everyone used to tell me it isn't THAT important and now I realise it really isn't. A lot of the times people don't even work in a field exactly related to their major. Just take classes you enjoy and do well in. Thats very very very important, more than what your major is. Also, do some relevant work experience in the summers.

    Good luck a'ite


      Thanks Irem baji you always make me feel better.


        But when I try new classes all the other girls are telling me are wasting your time this quarter I signed up for math, chemistry, (I am going to finish the series) and then psychology and I need another elective course. I thought you had to have only courses concerning a particular field to obtain a degree in that field besides the general ed courses. What was your major?


          Good advice from Irem.


            Brit Chick thanks

            Mariyam welcome

            my major was Computer Science. You are not wasting your time until you are taking classes to try out the major..also dont take too many classes in one subject just to try the subject and not reach a decision abt that subject...after two classes u shud be able to know if u like that major or not...those classes shud be intro classes...but if you are taking classes just to fill up your schedule then that might be choose your classes wisely...
            a lot of my friends shopped so many majors before deciding...its completely natural

            hmmm...what kind of stuff interests u? have u tried taking classes in education, feminist studies, economics, health studies etc? try different things...

            yup most schools have different requirements but i think the majority does it that if u r doing a major, most classes r in that major, including some electives which can be from different majors but related, and then general ed courses....but its OK to take classes that wont count towards ur major..thats not wasting ur time..u r still learning and thats whats important it enriches ur overall college academic experience too...

            also, u can just audit (sit thru) classes without actually taking them too...or does ur uni have lectures avlbl online? u can look at those too...

            and talk to ppl from all different majors..