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Directory of Pakistani Career Organizations Worldwide

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    Directory of Pakistani Career Organizations Worldwide

    Please list here the names of Pakistani American organizations that serve to promote entrepreneurship among the Pakistani community and more importantly provide online mentoring also.

    Much thanks.

    organization of Pakistani enterpreneurs. I have put there links on here several times so this time I will let you search for it. also helps south asians


      "OPEN" is another one.


        OPEN=Organization of Pakistani Enterpreneurs in North America


          Ok thanks.

          I have a suggestion. How about having a thread at the top, with the "Important" tag, which would list some important organizations/individuals and their contacts, so that people dont have to repeat the same things over and over again?


            - OPEN

            Anything at the south-asian level?


              SAJA exists for journalists

              More social organizations are:
              PGAB - in the Boston Area

              In NYC/NJ


                What is the purpose here to know these orgs?


                  I thought the thread starter was named Warne.
                  Oh well. *shrugs*


                    Its nice to such a organization exist


                      International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE):

                      The Pakistani American Business Executives Association:


                        Re: Pakistani American organizations listings

                        ^ Same link provided twice.
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                        Shikra was here.


                          Re: Pakistani American organizations listings

                          IMPORTANT UPDATE:

                          Now that the new version of PakLinks Yellow/Blue Pages has been released (check out:, I have taken this opportunity to create a Career Associations listing in the Yellow Pages.
                          All of the organizations listed in this thread thus far have been included.

                          For the latest listing, see:

                          How to Submit Your Own Listings:

                          If you have more listings to submit, you can do one of the following:
                          1. PM me with the association you want to be listed, and I'll add it to the Yellow Pages.


                          2. Go to:,
                          and add the listing yourself.

                          If you opt to submit your own listings:

                          a. Remember that the organization need not have a web presence – there are form fields that allow you to enter physical address information, phone numbers etc.

                          b. In the keywords field, please include the following: “enterpreneurship career professional associations”. This will help in indexing the listings appropriately.

                          c. Your links will need to be validated for accuracy and relevance by a moderator, so it may take a day or so to be visible.

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