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    hi the college in which i study has disabled a games site( which everyone in the college plays on in other words it is the most visited site in our college reveals a special questionnaire conducted by my paki friends and then again by the college staff (bast**** didn't think our questionnaire was bona fide i know why cos we are paki's, hypocrisy i hate it) anyways............

    in our centre for some reason our technitions have disabled this site and whenever we log onto it and try to play a game a message pops up stating:

    this site has been disabled by your moderator so sign in from the administrators account to gain access.

    can anyone tell me how i can do that or how i can create a admin account.

    secondly, yahoo messenger and msn messenger have also been disabled by our "KIND" technitions i tried to save yahoo on my floppy but wheni ran it in college it wouldn't install is there a way to do that as well

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz computer brains out there help a bro' in need and save our pride in this hypocrictical college

    :kaboom: :rocketup:

    While I may be inclined to help, there is a question of rules. That site and those programs have been disabled for a reason, to protect resources from being abused. I can tell you so many stories of those kinds of abuses, and none of them turn out well. Those resources are for work, not games. If you still want to do this, suit yourself, but you'll prolly start a gang war between your "paki" friends and the admins. I'm seriously getting tired of people trying to pull the whole "I'm pakistani" gimick to try and get help.

    How are they being hypocritics?
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      there is hypocrisy present in our college u wouldn't know and i ain't "pulling the paki stint to get help" get that out of ur mind and no body forced u to reply if your aim was not to help but to critisize

      the above was just an example don't get me started i can tell u of many occasions when asians have been treated differently and that centre which i refereed to is open on lunch times and is used to enjoy ur self it ain't for study purposes buddy wolfy


        This is Techincal Talk - please stick to the what the forum is for otherwise the thread will be closed or deleted.

        Thanx in advance.


          Dream, you probably won't be able to do what you are trying to accomplish. The college probably proxy blocked the game site so that people playing games wouldn't hog all the bandwidth. Same with MSN and Yahoo Messenger, these things are bandwidth hogs and are technically not work/study related.

          Unless you have administrative rights, you will not be able to "Log on as an administrator". Unless of course if you have access to the actual physical servers and are able to walk up to the console, then there are ways to change the admin password, but even if you did that, chances are very good that within half a day the passwords will be changed back and you will not have admin rights anymore. Even if you had admin rights, you would need to know where the proxy box is, how to connect to it, etc etc, in other words, you would have to know the infrastructure fairly well.

          So quit trying, this is from a net admin's point of view, they are doing this not out of racism, but to maintain network integrity.


            Try to open u r required site....... and if u know the proxy settings then u can run messenger but only on that machine where it is already installed.......