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    "Request timed out"

    Yes, I know what this ICMP error message ""Request timed out" , that something is wrong with computer's TCP/IP settings or with adapter settings, etc.

    Here is the scenario for you:

    -Three(3) computers, two(2) of them win2k pro and one of them win2k server.

    IP configuration goes something like this:

    Computer A (win2k pro, light weight) -

    Computer B (win2k pro, heavy weight) -

    Computer C (win2k server, good old Pen. 233.) -

    All of them have static IP addresses asigned.

    Computer A can talk, ping and connect with computer C and vice versa.

    But Computer A cannot ping, connect or share files with computer B and vice versa... but both of them see each other in directory and 'network places.'

    Computer B is setup as a GATEWAY to the internet and its using "internet sharing software" from sygate, in server and client mode!

    Computer A communicates fine (connects to the internet through computer B) with the sygate internet gateway server but not when files need to be transfered or when ICMP is sent!!!

    What do you think is the problem? sygate software? settings?


    No one ever experienced this problem?

    Maybe not in the same scenario that I mentioned!


      Well I never used the S/W u are using so cant say anything as far as the internet sharing is concerned.

      Win2K is pretty stable as compared to Win9x as this is a common problem of Win9x as in ur case.

      I mean if u are putting 192.168.02 as gateway then I have no clue why ur machine is not pinging it.

      Check the settings again, thats what I can say.


        Have you made sure that all the IP addys are correct? Double-check them, I had a problem where I transposed the xxx from I had a prob with that a while ago and took me a hell of a time to figure it out. Also I don't know if "0" is a valid or good "xxx" value. Try changing that.

        Try going on Comp B and see if it sees itself and try and ping it as localhost.

        You should also check to see if they are all on the same workgroup.

        The soft that you are using might not work properly unless the comp its on is set at

        If there are still problems or you have questions then post and ask. Hope these solutions help!
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          Didn't work.

          Yes "0" is a valid ip address as long as its in this format:


          It works fine on my network.... I checked the setting, re-installed the drivers and TCP/IP stack! Changed the "Computer B (win2k pro, heavy weight) -" IP address to "" and for "Computer A (win2k pro, light weight)" I changed the IP to ""

          Again, it connects to the internet FINE through but it cannot ping it!!!

          Only thing I haven't tried yet is to remove the "sygate network sharing" software which is running in SERVER mode on!!!


            Well I never used that routing program I use IPF on Solaris but have heard that Winroute is good. Check with others if winroute fulfils ur requirements then use Winroute.