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    C & IT Rules

    Hi Guys,

    I think its a time to make some things clear here. The Computer Talk forum actually means talking about computers only, it can be anything technical or non-technical about Computer or IT related. The purpose of the forum is to share ur thoughts in a decent & technical manner.

    While dicsussing issues here keep in mind to abide by the gupshup policies. Each & every forum has a some rules & policies representing the community & following the law of land or international law.

    We do not support hacking or cracking or illegal technical talk. Please do not tell us your hacking or cracking experiences, we simply dont want to know. Please dont instruct others to do so either. Teaching security or how to secure ur machine is fine but not to illegally take over someones machine doesn't fall under the catagory of teaching security.

    We promote the copy rights rules here so please do not share any serial numbers or keys in this forum. Any links to any warez crack/hack site will be immediately removed. Repeating the same act will end up having a ban from this site. If you are using a cracked software its ur problem just dont tell us. Please dont ask us for any serial numbers or keys or cracks, we will be unable to help.

    Links to trial versions of software sharewares or freewares sites (namely sites not the .exe or .zip or software files) are fine. You can share them. The person who is downloading must read the rules from the site he is downloading & by putting a direct link to file will not let the user read those rules.

    This is the forum to share ur knowledge & to learn from others so please be open. We would like the discussion to the point. Anything that is non-techical can be moved to a different forum. If you see ur post vanished then there would be a reason.

    In the end have a nice time & dont hesitate to ask if u have any Queries.



    Keep in mind if ur post vanishes it means we are reviewing it. It might re-appear if considered appropriate. If it doesn't re-appear then it means,

    1) It was against the Gupshup policy, that you signed when u got your membership.


    2) It was against the forum rules.

    Thanx for understanding in advance.


      re: C & IT Rules

      Salaams everyone,

      Its been a while since Najim posted the policies above. I though it would be better if it was updated and clarified a bit. A lot of the points in my post are just a copy & paste from Najim's post, some of which I thought needed re-emphasis, but there are new ones. So read on:
      1. GupShup DOES NOT support hacking or cracking or illegal technical talk. Please do not tell us your hacking or cracking experiences, we simply dont want to know. If you are using cracked software and have issues keep it to yourself.
      2. Copyright rules apply. Sharing of licensed software is against the policy
      3. Sharing of serial numbers, keys and other instructions (or links to other sites with this info) to bypass security is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
      4. DO NOT post direct links to files (.EXE, .ZIP etc). You can post links to trials shareware and freeware software is allowed. It is the responsibility of the person downloading to make sure the rules and conditions of that software are adhered to in their respective country/state of their residence.
      5. Discusions on how to secure systems is fine as long as it doesn't run into bypassing security and copyright rules of another system. There is a fine line between the two, please don't cross over.
      6. Rude, offensive or threatening comments as well as posting of adult material will not be tolerated.
      7. Torrents: Discussions on the use of torrent trackers or p2p software to obtain copyrighted material is NOT ALLOWED.
      8. The offer or solicitation of invitations to private torrent tracking websites, such as Demonoid. Public sites, like The Pirate Bay, cannot be discussed here.
      9. Spam, multiple posting of the same topic, promoting your own site/forum are not allowed. This applies to the submission of new threads, posts and links or inappropriate content in your signature.
      10. Posting of any other illegal activities and information thereto (as per the US laws) is prohibited.

      Most of the rules above are pretty obvious. We are trying keep a clean forum where we can discuss ideas and concepts, and as we would not want others to steal our ideas and thoughts we want to offer the same courtesy to others.

      All the above rules need to be followed at all times, whether or not you believe in them or suggest it's for legal use is not an excuse. Violations of these rules WILL result in infraction points. Repeated violations CAN result in a ban.
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        Re: C & IT Rules

        Posting of links to download apps/software/content available online is discouraged. If you feel it is necessary for relevance to the discussion, please ask a team member for permissibility first. You are encouraged to name the software, and in case of a manufacturer such as Adobe, a link to the manufacturer website in general maybe posted.

        For instance, to recommend Adobe Photoshop, you may link WWW. ADOBE.COM

        Thank you for your cooperation.

        *Existing prior guidelines still apply*
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