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Official: Volvo debuts new Drive-E four-cylinder engines

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    Official: Volvo debuts new Drive-E four-cylinder engines

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    Volvo is introducing a new engine family based on its new Drive-E philosophy, which encompasses "all innovations made to reduce the impact on the environment," the automaker says. Less cylinders allows for less environmental impact, so the new engines are all four-pots. They also were designed to pair easily with Volvo's upcoming hybrid drive system, which "will reach power figures in the V8 territory" and play a "dominant part of the top end of [Volvo's] range," says Derek Crabb, Vice President Powertrain Engineering. Volvo also says we can expect "power curves that give exciting drivability compared with engines with more cylinders."
    Volvo says some versions of the engine were designed targeting best-in-class fuel economy. There are both gasoline and diesel options, but the latter of which isn't scheduled for US consumption. Instead, the US will be offered two states of tune of the gasoline Drive-E engine for front-wheel-drive vehicles. Some of Volvo's current all-wheel-drive powertrains will remain available in the US until the company has transitioned solely to the new, fuel-efficient inline-fours.

    The two levels of tune to be offered are T6 and T5. The T6 is turbocharged and supercharged with 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The T5 is turbocharged only and has 240 hp and 258 lb-ft. They're between 13 percent and 26 percent more efficient than Volvo's current offerings, and they're smaller and lighter as well. Volvo says that a high-performance Drive-E engine is lighter "by nearly 100 pounds," but doesn't specify what it is being compared to. Drive-E engines will be paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, have friction reduction measures (we like the fully electric and variable-speed water pump) and feature stop-start and brake regeneration technologies.

    The inline-fours are part of a $11 billion, multi-year investment by Volvo that includes engine development, Scalable Product Architecture and infrastructure and facility upgrades aimed at keeping the automaker technologically independent. Take a look at the press release below for more detailed information on the new engine family.
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