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First Drive: SMS 570X makes 700 hp, gobs more joy

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    First Drive: SMS 570X makes 700 hp, gobs more joy

    SMS 570X - Click above for high-res image gallery

    During the course of a wide-ranging, more than two-hour long conversation, we asked racing legend, aftermarket impresario and SMS namesake Steve Saleen what's the single most important thing he wants Autoblog readers to know about not only his new 700-horsepower 570X, but about SMS as a whole. Without missing a beat, Mr. Saleen cocked his head to one side and said, "That we're not a tuning shop. SMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer."

    "We're not a tuner.
    SMS is an Original Equipment Manufacturer."
    - Steve Saleen
    Normally, when the head of a company that takes existing cars and modifies them says something like that, you nod politely and draw your own conclusions. But in the case of Steve Saleen, you err on the side of trust. For one thing, he's been at this for 25 years - in fact, a 1984 Saleen Mustang just sold for $80,000. Compare that price to other 1984 Mustangs. For another, he's the man behind the Saleen S7, a totally bespoke beast of a machine that's one of the most dominant supercar-based race cars ever.

    Still, looking at the all-new SMS 570X, it's very hard not to see an aftermarket Dodge Challenger, albeit a heavily modified one. But keep on staring and you'll notice that not only are most of the body panels new, they're actually well constructed. More importantly, they fit together properly. And SMS cars come with actual warranties (three year/36,000 mile for the 570, one year/12,000 for the 570X) and have countless thousands of hours of R&D behind them. But really, it's only once the 570X's hood gets popped that you suddenly realize this ain't no backyard tuner.

    Gallery: First Drive: 2009 SMS 570X

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