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Generic Host Process for Win32 Services

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    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services

    I keep getting this error report after a while everytime I start the Internet.

    If I click the 'Don't Send' button my Internet connection stops.

    I'm using PTCL V-Wireless with Internet Explorer.

    It's driving me mad!!

    I've been to the Microsoft website and downloaded some hotkey or summat which has made absoloutley no difference.

    Does anyone know what I can do to address this issue?

    Please help me, it's lonely and depressing enough here already, I don't need my net to stop on me...
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    Re: Generic Host Process for Win32 Services

    There is simply not enough detail to help you out, no matter how much we want to. So it would be great if you
    • Install HijackThis and post the log file here so we see what's going on inside you computer.
    • Install Firefox and see if the problem persists.

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