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China blocks VoIP for two years

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    China blocks VoIP for two years

    CHINA has moved to protect its fixed telephone line business by banning free internet telephone services for at least two years, a newspaper has reported.

    Wang Leilei, chief executive of Chinese internet portal group Tom Online, which has a joint venture with Luxembourg-based telephony provider Skype, said China would not issue any licences for computer-to-telephone calls until 2008, Britain's the Financial Times reported.

    The government would not issue VoIP (voice over internet protocol) licences until 2008, Mr Wang told the newspaper.

    The move was likely to be major setback for Skype, which was reportedly in talks last year with Chinese telecom operators to launch its computer-to-telephone service, SkypeOut.
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    Maybe this would be limited to Skype only. Anyways, this will not be the first time we see VOIP being blocked. I know ISP want it blocked. So does major wireless and telecom providers. (They should be more focused on providing better services and reducing charges). This would be a breather for such services, but when it comes to freedom of choice it is not such a good move.

    There are always work arounds like you can setup a VPN between yourself and some one outside china and then do what ever you want. Applications like Hamachi are free and work really well for that sort of thing.

    O RLY?

    Re: China blocks VoIP for two years

    ^ thats kinda postive move. This way atleast the telcom industary is going to benefit further and grow. But its going to hurt consumers...
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