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    Novell XGL Linux

    Novell is announcing its contribution of the Xgl graphics subsystem and the 'Compiz ' compositing manager to the project. These enhancements open up a whole world of hardware acceleration, fancy animation, separating hardware resolution from software resolution, and more. As a result, Linux desktops will become more usable, end-user productivity will increase, and Linux is firmly positioned at the forefront of client computing technology.
    Under the leadership of Novell's David Reveman, Novell has sponsored and led the development of this powerful new graphics subsystem for Linux since late 2004. Xgl is the X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL and takes advantage of available accelerated 3D rendering hardware. It is designed to integrate well with the composite extension and performs best when a compositing manager is running. 'Compiz' is the new OpenGL compositing manager from Novell and is the framework that enables the development of graphical plug-ins.
    Both projects are being hosted on and the latest code can be found in the CVS repository. Link to source code and tarballs for public download: (The latest Xgl source code can be found in the xg-0-0-1 branch of the Xorg tree).

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    Re: Novell XGL Linux

    Another MacOS cloning attempt.

    O RLY?