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[news] spammer wins Gold medal

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    [news] spammer wins Gold medal

    Apparently, In Australia this guy Begg-Smith is known as The Spam Man en he made lots of gold with his internet company previously. He's said to be part of companies like CPM, CPM Media, en, websites known for their spyware en adware activities.

    Web mogul Begg-Smith strikes more gold By Mark Meadows

    SAUZE D'OULX, Italy (Reuters) - Canadian-born Australian Dale Begg-Smith has gone from Internet mogul to men's Olympic moguls champion but his air of mystery will hang around like Wednesday's mist on the Italian Alps.

    Favorite Begg-Smith, 21, snatched gold in the men's freestyle skiing moguls, twisting and turning his way to Australia's first medal of the Turin Games in the last run of the final.
    He has struck gold before, running an Internet company which media reports say is worth millions of dollars, but Begg-Smith was keen to play it down.
    "The company is nowhere near as big as people make it out to be. I've tapered it down over the last couple of years to concentrate on skiing," the World Cup leader told a news conference, before reluctantly explaining the business.

    "It is complicated. It is technology for companies to monitor ad campaigns. I don't do anything that pops up. I just make software."
    Begg-Smith, who drives a black Lamborghini and is nicknamed 'the Spam Man' by Australian media, refused to comment on whether Ads CPM, CPM Media, and were connected with his company.

    "There's not really a name (for the company) anymore," he said.
    He turns himself upside down in freestyle and did a similar trick with his life, leaving his native Canada a few years ago to set up home in Australia with his brother and fellow moguls skier Jason, who failed to qualify for Wednesday's final.

    Begg-Smith has never properly made clear his reasons for quitting Canada, although his business dealings and the draw of top coach Steve Desovich were a factor.

    He struggled to make training sessions in Canada but says there was no row with the skiing authorities there.
    "I was young, going to school, doing some work," he said. "There was no falling out. I couldn't compete anymore, quit, went to Australia. I was happy with the program in Canada and I am happy with the program in Australia."
    Begg-Smith said he resides in Melbourne but due to Australia's lack of snow, he spends most of the year on tour in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, where he has an apartment in British Columbia which he uses when he passes through.
    He was also non-committal on whether he would compete in his birth city of Vancouver in the 2010 Winter Games.