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Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

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    Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

    i've been playing this game for a while (tweaked)
    got all the tweaks from
    changes faces, rosters, bats/kits, pitches, and much more.. its an amazing game if u fix up all the bugs..

    and now after playing it at my parents house on big screen.. graphix and all really amazing! - thot i would share


    Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

    ^ 32 per 3 out, come on yaar.


      Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

      ^ yaar tight bowling kar rahay thay salay bangladeshi.... 10 over ka match tha...


        Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

        yeh sony max ka logo kyun aarah hai
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          Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

          Waisey, can you tell me how to download all the extra stuff provided by planetcricket, like new faces etc.
          I have yet to find out.

          Also, bowling is almost impossible, almost every batsman is going in Afridi mode.


            Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

            genius bhai,

            when you tweak the game.... the patches u can get have different logos... sony max, ary, ten sporst, sky sports, espn, ptv... and all - i customized my look with the sony max logo - and the world cup 2003 - zebra printed info bar on the bottom...


              Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen


              when u go to - u have to go under the cricket 2004 files ... make sure u get all the essentials like - graphics importer, sams cricket patch.exe, make sure u do a lil forum reading on their page. explains mostly everything.. a bit tricky at first ... but what u wana do is go under my documents > cricket 2004 > "new folder" where ur gona be keeping all ur add ons.. theres gona be alot of zip files and make sure u name them so u can easily recognize them....

              as far as every batsmen in afridi mode - yaar when they made the original game.. it was full of bugs... and it still is.. ea 2004 has many many problems... but thanx to planetcricket and the people on their... and espeicallly with the samscricketpatch plus all the AI stuff added . its way more realistic... more edges , more place the ball goes ont he field... just more of everything..

              g'luck n happy tweakin


                Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                bud buy ea sports cricket 2005 game released on 1st of june, 05' and all of these tweaks won't be necessary. it's quality.


                  Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                  is it available in the us or canada?


                    Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                    not sure bud


                      Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                      The Ea cricket 2005 will be released on 28th June 2005. I'm looking forward to this game. I read the Ea cricket 2005 utilized the Fifa engine and all the best sports technology. So the quality of the game should be up there with Madden and Fifa. Unlike the earlier Ea cricket games which were just poorly developed



                      EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 Executive Producer Andrew Wilson Talks to the Community!

                      Hot on the heels of our last Executive Producer interview with Scott Evans about BF2, we have managed to steal some precious time from our man from down under Andrew Wilson. As usual we asked the community what they wanted to ask Andrew about EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 here. As soon as we had enough questions we forwarded them to Andrew. This is what he had to say:

             Itís no secret that the EA SPORTS Cricket and Rugby franchises are now being developed out of EA Canada along with all the other blockbuster EA SPORTS titles. How has EA SPORTS Cricket benefited from this move and what global EA SPORTS technology can we see in the game?

                      AW: The results have been fantastic. What we get is all the experience from having Jeremy Wellard, the original chief designer and producer of the Brian Lara/Shane Warne cricket games, (not to mention a number of games for EA also), combined with the best sports technology in the world. It is a match made in heaven.

             The graphics engine was criticised in EA SPORTS Cricket 2004. Players didnít hold the bat or ball correctly and the general quality of the player models wasnít as high as other EA SPORTS titles. Has this changed in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005?

                      AW: Completely. Using the FIFA engine and animation tools has meant that we are able to deliver super smooth gameplay and animations. All new mo-cap and player models are the icing on the cake. Cricket 2005 looks absolutely stunning.

             Is there a new physics system in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005? Titles such as MVP and Fifa have great ball control; will EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 be using any similar technology?

                      AW: We are using exactly the same technology. This has contributed to Cricket 2005 being the most authentic cricket game yet.

             Can you give us an overview of the main differences EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 has over EA SPORTS Cricket 2004?

                      AW: The list is far too long to list. Cricket 2005 is the result of a major technology overhaul. This gives huge improvements in both visuals and gameplay. Throw in some new intuitive controls and new tournaments and this is a monster jump since 2004.

             How do the player stats systems work in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005? Will each player behave differently in the game or will they be generic? Will their stats be updated after every tournament or tour?

                      AW: We have put a great deal of work into our stats and each and every player will perform differently depending on their stats. Batsmen will do some things better than others, bowlers will have different deliveries available to them depending on their skill and style and visa versa. Stats will full track through tournaments and tours as you play them.

             Will there be a ranking system of players as well as teams?

                      AW: If you mean will some players have better attributes than others definitely. The trick with Cricket 2005 is to ensure that you have a well balanced team.

             Who are the commentators for EA SPORTS Cricket 2005? Was there an all new recording session for this game or did you use the 2004 sound files?

                      AW: We have continued our relationship with both Richie Benaud and Jim Maxwell. Both gentlemen are consummate professionals. We have added a great deal more commentary this year.

             Are there any new weather options such as rain in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005?

                      AW: Yes.

             Will we be able to view or save highlights of the game?

                      AW: Yes.

             Will there be a career mode in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005?

                      AW: Cricket 2005 like real cricket is made up of a series of tournaments and tours. Once you get through the core tournaments you will enter into a series of season modes and take your team on tours around the world.

             How many teams will there be? Will we have the option to create our own teams, players or even tournaments?

                      AW: There will be over 50 teams. In addition, using the Create a Player feature, you will be able to create full teams of players and take them into the action.

             Have run outs and wicket keeping features been added/changed?

                      AW: Yes and yes.

             Will EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 allow the bowler to change his delivery right up until the ball is being released from his hand?

                      AW: There is an all new intuitive bowling HUD in Cricket 2005 that is a little hard to explain on paper, however, rest assured that the bowler has more options than ever and is rewarded for consistent and varied line and length.

             Will there be a full toss ball in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005?

                      AW: Sure will.

             Does EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 have real life umpires or will they be generic?

                      AW: Our umpires look great, but as far as licensing goes, our focus was on teams and players as this is what the core game is all about.

             Are the crowds livelier in EA SPORTS Cricket 2005? Can we expect the amazing crowds titles such as Fifa have?

                      AW: We have used the same crowd technology that FIFA uses.

             Can you reveal any general system requirements we will need for the PC version?

                      AW: We are still locking this down, but will be somewhere around PIII 700, Win98SE.


                        Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                        ^^ When and where will it be available?
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                          Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                          its out already


                            Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                            So apparently EA Canada has developed the game this time around, just like every other EA Sports title. Hopefully its available here aswell but probably not.
                            Anyone played this game yet? Couldn't find any videos on that website.
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                              Re: Ea Sports Cricket 2004 - Big Screen

                              man, i have heard a lot about that cricket game, i donno if i can download it from the internet....
                              Patta patta boota boota haal hamaara jaane hai
                              Jaane na jaane gul he na jaane, baagh to saara jaane hai