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Yahoo Launches PhotoMail...

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    Yahoo Launches PhotoMail...

    just wanted 2 share....

    did anyone try it.........

    SUNNYVALE, California, 27 May 2005 — Yahoo Inc. is testing an e-mail service that will let people share digital photos without the hassle of often cumbersome attachments that hog storage space and bandwidth.

    The Sunnyvale-based company is touting the free service, available beginning yesterday at, as a simple way to distribute photos to family and friends.

    Thumbnails of up to 300 photos can be inserted into a single e-mail that can be sent to hundreds of recipients. Even if it contains 300 photos, an e-mail is unlikely to be rejected by inboxes with limitations on the size of a message because each thumbnail is just three to five kilobytes.

    Yahoo designed the “PhotoMail” service so it can be opened and viewed no matter where an e-mail is addressed. All the photos inserted into the e-mails are stored on Yahoo computers, enabling recipients to see a full-resolution image by clicking on any thumbnail.

    The photos can be inserted into an e-mail by dragging images stored on computer hard drives or websites. Using the test service requires a regular e-mail account and installing a small piece of software.


    Yahoo PhotoMail:

    Re: Yahoo Launches PhotoMail...


    We're sorry, but your computer doesn't currently meet the system requirements for PhotoMail. To use PhotoMail, you need to be on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. Click here to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
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      Re: Yahoo Launches PhotoMail...

      meaning i can't use this with mozilla firefox?
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