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    ~ If you browse many news sites daily, you will love this one ... Below is the write up that i posted in my blog a few days ago.

    Personal RSS Portal

    There was a time when we used to "pull" information from the web.... and now is the time when the web can push information to us.... Yes, I am talking about the personal rss page. Currently, you may browse 5-10 different websites for news in a day. Personal RSS page allows you to add wesbites in your portal, so that you go to one page and you get the latest headlines from the websites you add in the portal.

    For example, if i go to NYT Business Section, ABC Tech News, CNN Money News and BBC Sports News on a frequent basic, then i would add the RSS of those pages in my portal. Those websites update their RSS as they update the news on their site. So, when i log in to my portal, i will see the first 5 headlines for each site( NYT, ABC, CNN and BBC ). This is a concept of "push" info. Those website give you an RSS URL that you can put in your portal and they update the RSS URL so that you get the latest news on your portal.

    CNET's Newsburst is a free RSS portal that you can set up within minutes. Here is a link that tells you all about it.

    Just go to and register your free account today. I simply adore this technology and would recommend it to anyone that checks several news sites in a day.

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    Does anyone remember this company called PointCast Inc. back in the late 90's. The were considered the next big thing in internet's push technology. Here's an article from way back when...:
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