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    Starting afresh

    After the happenings in this thread ( I could not but format my pc and start over again. However this gives me the chance to ask you what the best programs are for the following functions:

    Firewall: I got Norton IS and ZA available. Which should I use and are there any alternatives?

    Spyware: I got Ad-aware, Hijack this and spysweeper available, but the latter two were for a limited period only. Which two are the best to use? Any other suggestions?

    Anti-virus: I have Norton AV available. Any other (free) software suggestions?

    Browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera, Netscape?

    Any other suggestions for setting-up are welcome
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    Re: Starting afresh

    Sygate Personal firewall
    Microsoft anti-spyware
    FF browser
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      Re: Starting afresh

      Firewall: ZA Pro
      Spyware: MS anti-spyware as suggested or ad-aware
      AV: NAV (i personally hate it, resource hogger but..)
      Browser: FF


        Re: Starting afresh

        Browser: Firefox
        Anti Virus: Trend Micro
        Firewall: Kerio Personal Firewall (free) -
        Anti Spyware: Microsoft's Anti Spyware is good

        p.s. i heard windows is developing a ONE IN ALL security program.. any one knows about it?
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          Re: Starting afresh

          You didnt mention OS. Dont install 98 man.

          AV: norton or mcafee (forget freeware, you get what you pay for, thats my philosophy)

          Spyware: between ad-aware, spybot and webroot spysweeper, you shouldnt have an issue with spyware (im not a fan of M$ products)

          Firewall: If you can configure correctly and are comfortable with it, ZA

          Browser: Firefox ofcourse or Opera (no harm installing IE with the OS as long as you dont depend on it)
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            Re: Starting afresh

            Originally posted by Mr. Genius
            p.s. i heard windows is developing a ONE IN ALL security program.. any one knows about it?
            Yeah, its called the 'A1", Microsoft's consumer PC security bundle. Here's an article on eWeek:

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