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    Want to make ----

    Aadab urz hai

    I need to learn how to host web on internet.would anyone possibly teach me, from A-Z , so that I can host a web and a small discussion area for my friends business. Salams

    Re: Want to make ----

    -Find a web hosting company that would give you php and mysql support (
    -login and install whichever discussion software you want (sometimes your webhosts would provide the software for you to install.)
    -enjoy discussing.
    An Android a day keeps the Apple away!


      Re: Want to make ----

      Thanks. TofiBaba

      I have already made one bulletinboards very recently. But it does not work the way I want. I have done the payment for that, thinking the server providers would provide me assistance if I would need , but they are not. What shall I do for that?


        Re: Want to make ----

        OH MY GOAD!

        *rubs his eyes, looks at screen again* its still there..

        now! i've seen everything
        thanks for pulling head outta your ass long enough to read my post, then highlighting & reading this. Signed:


          Re: Want to make ----


            Re: Want to make ----

            If you jus want to setup a small community try this:


            Get Free Hosted phpBB Message Board from


            Set up your forum and start your community instantly.


            - PHPBB2 latest version.
            - Instant Activation
            - Easy installation
            - Upload Your Own Logo
            - More than 250 Templates
            - Support over 50 Languages
            - Private or public forums
            - Sub Domain:
            - 24/7 Community Support
            - Quick Reply and Banner MOD
            - Free search engine submission of your forum.
            - No limit on number of post, space, members, or size.