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4k LED TV? Buying Advice

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    4k LED TV? Buying Advice

    I currently have a Sony 55x850c and I'm looking to upgrade. I would go to an OLED but I watch a lot of sports with fixed graphics and play a lot of games with fixed graphics at this place. I think I'd be a prime candidate for burn-in.
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    Sony X90J is the best bang for your buck LED TV on the market right now. I have 2 of them in both of my bedrooms and they work flawlessly.

    Only slight issue is that in a well lit environment like a living room, the brightness isn't on par with some of the equivalent Samsung TV's on the market, but Samsung's don't support Dolby Vision, only HDR10+, whereas the Sony does.

    Another plus point for the Sony is that it runs Google TV, so you can side load pretty much any Android app on to the TV, including xbox gamepass, so you can have your console in your bedroom and still be able to play your games in the living room via remote play. Whereas Samsung's Tizen UI is very limited in its functionality, but that too can be fixed with the help of a chromecast.

    For me, the X90J's panel felt superior to an equivalently priced Samsung in terms of its overall picture quality and lack of Dolby Vision on Samsung panels was a deal breaker as well.

    Lastly, if you're playing on a PS5 or XBX, the X90J the perfect companion.

    As far as OLED's and burn-in is concerned? I've had an 77" LG G1 in my living room for about an year now, and thanks to its pixel shift tech, I haven't noticed any burn in or dead pixels YET. And like you, I too use my TV for a lot of sports and gaming.

    Chances of burn-in on an OLED are pretty low these days, but it can still happen and its super annoying. Thankfully, LG will provide a replacement under their new 5 year extended warranty.
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