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One Terrabyte Holographic Disk.

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    One Terrabyte Holographic Disk.

    One Terrabyte Holographic Disk.

    Optware Corp., the developer of Collinear Holographic* Data Storage System, announced today that it had achieved successfully world's first recording and play back of digital movies on a holographic recording disc with a reflective layer using Optware's revolutionary Collinear Holography. This is a major milestone for commercializing holographic data storage system.

    Holographic Versatile Disc™ (HVD™ ) on which digital movies were recorded (left). The disc diameter of 12 centimeters is equivalent to those of CD and DVD.

    Holographic recording technology:

    Holographic recording technology records data on discs in the form of laser interference fringes, enabling existing discs the same size as today's DVDs to store as much as one terabyte of data (200 times the capacity of a single layer DVD), with a transfer speed of one gigabyte per second (40 times the speed of DVD). This approach is rapidly gaining attention as a high-capacity, high-speed data storage technology for the age of broadband.

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