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    My laptop is almost always plugged in the power outlet. For some reason it keeps using up the battery power today even though it's plugged in. It doesn't start charging the battery unless I fiddle around with it. Should I worry? It's just driving me insane. :halo:

    hayaa, it would good to take it to the dealer and get it checked out, if you still have the warranty. In any case, you should try to contact the manufacturer, and get their feedback..


      So I should worry? :-/ Man, isn't there a quick fix?


        ^ depends on the version of the windows.. if it is 2000 then you should be ok.. if it has a patch that might slow down the process and if you have applied security patches one on top of the other that will make it even harder...

        if it is 1970 or 1960 then forget about it... in that case use the bin


          hayaa, then get a macintosh, once you say farewell to your PC, here's something interesting from the blog of one of teh Macromedia's engineers

          Part 1: I'm a switcher!

          After the n-th blue-screen-of-death, I decided I had had enough and bought a 15'' Powerbook G4 laptop (that's a Mac) for home, and I couldn't be happier. The phrase "it just works" keeps coming out of my lips...I plug in my webcam: it just works (no driver to go find and download and install)...I turn it on, and my home wireless network "just works" (no need to have a card sticking out of your laptop and set up the network preferences...). I plug in my camcorder in the firewire port..."it just works": iMovie pops-up and with one click my whole movie is on my HD. Same for my digital camera: "it just works!". Want to burn a DVD? "It just works!"

          After playing with this puppy for a few days, I realize that OSX is miles ahead of WindowsXP in terms of usability, and even sometimes functionality. What the fine UI designers at Apple have done is walk that fine line between usability and discoverability: when you first start using an application, the UI is pretty minimal and every button is there "because...of course it's there, where else would you want it?", but the more time you spend with the app, the more you realize its power, gradually. You discover more features as you go, as you need them, the UI does a good job at taking your from beginner to expert user, one small step at the time. We should all aspire to do the same in our Flash-powered Rich Internet Applications.

          The other thing that I'm stunned about in OSX is its developer-friendliness. This is another classic Apple-style miracle: they make both the designer and the hard-core geek smirk with excitement about the same operating system.

          Need a terminal window to run grep? Sure. Need a free developing environment? Sure, just run the Xcode installer (more on that later).

          Anyways...I am certainly not the first person to sing the praises of OSX, and I won't be the last. The noteworthy thing, for me, is that I NEVER felt like singing the praises of any operating system. We have been trained to think that an OS is something that's there and have little control of. It's just something we have to accept, good or bad.

          Ok, that was all good and great. It's been a great honeymoon... the problem, and it's a big one, comes later, much later... (read on)


            Sigh. I think the connection where the AC adapter goes in has become loose. Hence when I give it a little tug, it starts to charge the battery and then the same problem repeats. I tried running the laptop on the adapter alone and it would shut down if the cord would move, so the problem is probably where the cord plugs in. I should have been more careful yanking the cord in and out all this time, although I don't believe I ever did that. UGH!

            Abdullah, wanna swap? I'll take your mac, you can have my p.o.s. :halo:


              sure thing.. I've got two macs, so i can give one way..but you will have to make me a meal from your own creative we have a deal

              and here's how your future mac's desktop may look like :smoking1:



                Sorry, no deal!! Your desktop snapped me back to reality. I wouldn't dream of parting with my beloved puter.

                Is that all I am reduced down to, a cook? How about this, I give you a pack of m&m's and take your mac. Now that's a great deal.


                  cooking was meant to be a compliment, silly
                  ha wouldn't even be able to appreciate the beauty and elegance of a mac :love: you are not getting one..stay with your PC ..
                  but, since it's you, so i am willing to give it a second thought, how about if we take a stroll down by the lake and share the same M&M, you can still have my mac, now that would be so cool eh




                      Originally posted by Abdullah k:

                      ha wouldn't even be able to appreciate the beauty and elegance of a mac :love: ..
                      Dont want to barge in or annything u little lovebirds

                      but honestly, the powerbooks are just damn sexy :love:
                      There is no salvation for the soul, But to fall in Love.
                      It has to creep and crawl, Among the Lovers first.

                      Imam Jallal-u-Din Rumi


                        It turns out I was right about the connection being loose. The point where the power cord plugs in is wobbly (you can feel it wobble as you move the cord around). Anyhow, I took it back to the store and my warranty expired about a month ago. They gave me a 400 dollar some estimate, I laughed it off and now my laptop sits pretty on my desk. The cord stopped charging altogether and the battery is drained out. I can't even get in to save some of my stuff. The funny part is when I was at the store, this guy was there with the exact same model with the exact same problem except he still had his warranty..his little one thought I was holding his dad's laptop.

                        Anyhoo, that was an update. I have been without my laptop for a month :-O and lived through it to tell the tale! I am told it's a soldering job, either that or the motherboard needs to be replaced. Any hardware experts here concur? I just have to find the time to find out where I can take it. Any Toronto guppies know of a good store that won't charge me an arm and a leg?