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Service Pack 2 question

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    Service Pack 2 question

    I dont think my laptop even has service pack 1 on it, my automatic update feature is asking me to install sp2, can i still install it although i dont have service pack 1, are service packs good for my laptop? what are the pros and cons? I was told by somebody not to install service packs which made me think they cause harm to the computer. I also read some reviews which confirmed this:

    ' The problem is that SP2 breaks other software. Lots of other software. And the workarounds for a particular broken package, if indeed there are any, can be pretty complex, involving editing the registry, opening or closing particular ports manually, and so on. Not something you want users doing, and not something that IT departments have the resources to do machine by machine.'


    someone please enlighten me.
    Geo aur Jeenay Do

    I recently installed SP 2 on my laptop. I've had no problems whatsoever, alhamdulillah.

    It could be that it gives problems if you're using a pirated OEM/key.