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is this a virus?

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  • is this a virus?

    i got an email today out of the blue from someone whom I know and am prolly in their address book:

    Subject: read it immediately


    is that your account? (22K)

    So basically the email subject is "read it immediately" and the email body just says "is that your account" and then the mail has a 22K attachment called ""

    I was just going to click on it when I told myself WAITTTTTTT STOPPPPPP this is prolly a VIRUS!!!!!

    I don't actually want to email this person and ask if they mailed me But should I open the attachment or is this a virus?

    shukran jazeelan

    .com is a dos executable, greater chances r its a virus.

    forward it to ur yahoo or hotmail account they will check it with anti virus, in case u dont have one.

    even tho if no virus found, if the sender is a comp genious & i wouldnt open it

    peice a advice, never just click executables & files whcih contains macros, such as exe, com, pif, vbs, doc, etc...most read only files r harmless tho, txt, jpg, etc.

    While rest of the world was busy mating I was Moderating Cafe and lost my jawani.


      This is definately a virus. I received this kind of email too & was picked up by my anti-virus immediately.


        Its surely a virus, and JB, these days JPEG files are infected with Virus.

        I mean new virus would keep the icon of jpeg , but it would be either .vbs or .exe. You will never know, if you have hidden file extensions of known files.


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          Thanks a lot for the prompt replies. Alright then, I'ma delete that email


            Perhaps it is this virus

            http://[email protected]

            W32.Netsky.B is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the email addresses it finds when scanning the hard drives and mapped drives. This worm also searches drives C through Z for folder names containing "Share" or "Sharing," and then copies itself to those folders


              This is a virus, which is spreading these days all over the net..

              so be careful. delete it immediately!!!


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                thanks guys the email's been deleted


                  nahee yaar .... don't delete it ... I had sent you the file. Its the latest VoIP software ...damn

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