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Tracking Internet Usage

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    Tracking Internet Usage

    How do companies track internet usage of employees? In my Internet Properties section, there is a file called index.dat .... do they keep track through this? I checked at home and I also have this file on my home computer so I'm not sure.
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    Well in most of the companies it an implied rule that employees internet usage is being tracked. Mostly over the firewalls.

    To track your internet usage one doesn't need to monitor ur machine, they just keep track of the traffic coming & going to the IP (& associated MAC) address of your PC, simple as that.

    I dont think I have to define the IP Packet details how to track what data is in there (unless encrypted). Firewall can be configured to get all the URLs an IP is visiting, details of all the downloads, restrict several kinds of file extentions to be downloaded.

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      no, index.dat can't be used for trackin internet usage as DS has already said here...and he mentioned trackin softwares (like witness agent), which is pretty accurate for companies here, but not all of them employ that...

      najim mentioned the other ways its done


        The company i work for like many other companies use a combination of Firewall and Proxy Server monitoring tools to log what ever is going in and out. Apart from these keyboard loggers and screenshot taking softwares are also used. This seems like consipracy but legally the resources are owned by the company and they have the right to monitor how well the resources are utilizied. Moreover they are also worried about lawsuits that can be followed becoz JohnDow/JaneDow employee might be using company resources to do se personal illegal activities on the internet. All of this helps increase productivity at the work enviroonment.

        Moreover ...
        As far as why IE index.dat cant be used is becoz ie is not the only means of interaction with the net .. messenging softwares and other inet appz be be applied.


          If someone is very worried about privacy then use http-tunnel.


          In some cases when I dont trust the company network I login to my home machine through SSH & open mozilla from my home machine.

          SSH gives me 1MB encryption peer to peer so no matter what firewall is there nothing can be traced & I am using my home IP address so no obligation to my company at all.

          Obviously not everyone can do what I am doing unless u run the something similar setup like me.


            yep Najim it is really cool thing to do,
            all the net files will be stored on /home computer through ssh tunnel and will be difficult to track. for net admins network.

            DDOS attacks have some kind of same concepts, they log in from one computer then other, and attack with multiple hosts ips,


              Thanks for your responses. Well, I have an extremely boring job which means I'm on GS a lot. They have already blocked all e-mail sites (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) but GS works fine. I will see if I get in trouble, which is probable as I'm on here a lot. *sigh*
              Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.


                If u know the use of nslookup (provided if u are not using proxy) then u can go to all sites .. most companies restrict the URLs but u can still reach the sites by IP address. For example if hotmail is blocked then type this on ur URL & see if u can open hotmail


                OR go straight to
       (or one of its IP addresses)

                GS is not one of the restricted sites on the companies list ... unless they see too much traffic to & from this site they wont bother about it.