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Fenty V Huda Beauty Foundation

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    Fenty V Huda Beauty Foundation

    My go to foundation was MAC Pro Longwear but am annoyingly between shades now..

    I have a perfect match in Fenty 230 but a) I think it may be breaking me out and b) it's not giving quite enough coverage to deal with my skin in its present slightly dodgy state..

    My skin is normally in good condition but I've been a little stressed lately so I can't say for sure if it's the foundation or just me lol

    I think my match in Huda Beauty would be Cheesecake or Latte so am thinking of trying that..

    Anyone here tried these foundations and if so which did you prefer?
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    Re: Fenty V Huda Beauty Foundation

    I think the general consensus is that the Fenty Foundation > Huda Beauty, but my friend tried out the Huda Beauty one (I forget which color) and said that it was OK and that it did a good job with full coverage. She didn't report any issues with her skin that came from the foundation, so I suppose if you want to change your foundation it won't hurt to do so (only financially lol).


      Both are great! Depends on what type of finish you're looking for.

      For a natural full coverage finish, go for fenty. For a "I'm wearing a full-face of foundation" / partywear look, go for huda.

      For a day-to-day look I'll go with fenty. I cannot imagine doing huda, although it is a gorgeous finish.
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        Wow my first post was from a longgg time ago but thank you for the replies

        I did try the Huda Beauty Faux Filter, bit too heavy for me for every day use, I guess it’s better suited for occasions when you want to really glam up.

        I came across MAC Pro Longwear (waterproof version) in a shade I hadn’t seen before (NC27) which was a better match but still a touch dark and a bit orange whilst the 25 was a touch too pale.

        Have ended up back using the Fenty, just am careful to look after my skin well and have not broken out since I swung back to it.

        I know department stores give out free small samples of foundation, but I love that Fenty also does small tubes at a low price too so we can experiment a bit.

        My real love now is highlighters So if you have any recommendations for that let me know! My absolute faves were the Amrezy/Anastasia collab gold highlight and the Farsali Jelly Beam, which I think has been discontinued? Have been playing around with Jeffrey Star highlanders but they’re more glittery.

        Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud..


          ^ As if, some of us care