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    Wedding Photographer - Lahore


    I'm going to Lahore soon to book vendors for my Dec 2015 wedding. The idea is to contact 4-5 photographers based on suggestions and make appointments with them. I would like to meet them in person to see full albums and examples of their work.

    Can somebody suggest any photographers based on personal experience?

    Also, how flexible are photographers with packages and what should I be negotiating for - i.e how many hours of portrait photography? How many hours of event photography? How many photographers for event coverage - photographs and videos? How many albums are produced - how many pictures in each album? Do they edit all the pictures taken on the day or work with selected images? Do they provide all the images and footage in a soft copy? Do they watermark their images? Are they ethical - asking for prior permission before posting photos on social media and websites?

    And lastly, what rates can I expect from photographers? I understand these vary greatly depending on who I choose so again, if you have personal experience recently, please let me know how much you paid for who so I can factor in inflation till Dec 2015 and benchmark accordingly.

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: Wedding Photographer - Lahore

    Some photographers:

    Irfan Ahson
    AFZL Studio
    Aahad Studio
    Irfan Younas

    All of them have Facebook pages, so you can check out their work.

    Irfan Ahson is supposed to be the best but hes quite expensive. One of my friends booked him and obviously the pics were gorgeous but i think hes $1000+ for one days worth of shoot.

    Another friend booked Aahad for her portraits and i really liked her pics as well.

    The best way to do this would be to check their work on fb first and then contact them for appointments.

    I think most of the photographers have a X number of photographs rather than a number of hours (for portraits). For event coverage, they cover the entire event from A to Z.
    You essentially need to book just one photography banner for you event and they will send the photographer, videographer etc. Obviously you will need to discuss what kind of video coverage , albums you want and prices depend upon that also.
    They edit the pictures you select
    How many pictures in each album- they will give you 2-3 options,,, and prices will be dependent on that.
    Yes, you will be given a soft copy
    Most big names ARE ethical and will ask prior permission before uploading your pics on social media.

    Hope that helps!


      Re: Wedding Photographer - Lahore

      Meem Noon
      Omer Mughal
      Ameeq Asrar
      Studios Aahad
      Selective Studios
      Shahnawaz Studios
      Inner Life Studios

      Rates vary depending on what exactly you're looking for, how many days coverage you want, do you want a printed album or not, if the photographer offers a discount if you book x number of days with them etc. Best would be to look at their Facebook pages to see if you like the quality of their work, then contact them on FB to find out their coverage rates. No set hours of coverage. And then once you sit and talk with them, you can discuss with them your specific needs in terms of event coverage, video, hard copy or pictures in USB, airbrushing etc.


        Re: Wedding Photographer - Lahore

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          Re: Wedding Photographer - Lahore

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              My sister will also gonna get marry very soon and it is so difficult to find a Wedding Photographer. I am sure this will gonna be quite helpful for us to find Wedding Photographer for our family.


                Hello guys! Recently i visit my cousin wedding and i see a photographer in there. He such a amazing photographer. He took many pictures of us and its very nice.