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activities for mehndi!!!

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    activities for mehndi!!!

    i was planning to arrange some games/activities on mehndi of my brother which is on 14th.....pls suggest what can be done to make mehndi function more interesting.....
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    Re: activities for mehndi!!!

    Originally posted by belledonne View Post
    i was planning to arrange some games/activities on mehndi of my brother which is on 14th.....pls suggest what can be done to make mehndi function more interesting.....
    The shoe game! did it at mine...was a big hit

    The bridal couple will take off their shoes and the bride will hold one of her shoes in her right hand and one of the groom's shoes in her left hand. The groom will hold the bride's shoe in his left hand and his own shoe in his right hand. Then they will sit with their back against each other. The emcee will ask questions like "Who is the better cook" etc & the bridal couple will answer the questions by raising the appropriate shoe.

    My fam organized 3 games on my mehndi - 1 for the couple, 1 for the mature crowd, and 1 just for girls

    The one for girls went like this: each girl got hand cutouts, pens, and some glittler glue. They had to put henna on the cutout hand they got using the materials they received. The game was timed. Bride picked the best one and the winner got a prize
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      Re: activities for mehndi!!!

      A quote from this thread:

      Originally posted by GroomDoc View Post
      Would they be okay with dances and singing if it was segregated? If so, you should push for can PM for ideas on how to segregate depending on what the venue of the manja and mehndi are.

      The manja for the guy can be very simple(I'm assuming you're having one for the guy since your from his side?)...just have him make his entrance with the dupatta on his head carried by 4 of his sisters/girl cousins/aunts etc. and then have his parents, aunts/uncles, cousins do the 'haldi/uptan' rasam on his face and feed him mithai and put the 'flower necklace' on him, etc...and take a photo with each family and him in the middle. Then serve dinner and chit chat and that's all you really need for a fun low-key manja/mayun...

      If you can't segregate the mehndi then here are some ideas:

      1) Games: "How well do you know the person you're marrying?" is the name and you can have the bride and groom answer questions about themselves before the mehndi but you can't tell either of them what their responses are. Then during the mehndi you play the game: they can sit on two chairs with their backs facing each other so they can't see eachothers answers, and the MC can read the questions out loud and ask for the responses of the bride and groom...they can either have 'yes' 'no' or other words written on poster paper that they can raise up with their arms to give their answer so the other person can't hear, or they can say it out loud....depends on how you play it...the questions can be really funny depending on how far you go with it and you can still keep them very appropriate.

      2) Karaoke? Is that an option? It would be a great alternative to dancing. It's always fun to see your friends or family go up on stage and try to sing and make a fool of themselves Definitely makes the mood very fun and relaxed...

      3) SKIT! Skits are always fun...if you get a confident guy and girl from either family to play the groom and bride's role and create a funny script it can go really well. Of course you have to plan this really well and all the actors cooperating need to be on board. It can be an imaginary story of how the couple first met OR an imaginary story about what their lives will be like after marriage(you can show them as an old couple...I saw this once where the couple was shown being 70 and it was fun to see how they would look, act, talk to each other at age 70 and it was hilariousss...the crowd was cracking up)...and you'd be surprised that even the most 'conservative' uncles/auntys will crack up and find it funny as long as it's tasteful.

      4) Antakshari! The girls side vs guys side can compete or all girls vs all guys. But if singing is a no-no then you can't do this either.

      If I think of more I'll let you know. My fiance went to a mehndi in her family where it was just a dinner and the nikah was performed there(I've never seen that before) and that was it for the entire event. No singing, no dancing, nothing. There weren't even entrances...they didn't have time to light candles and have entrances b/c the baraat showed up late or something...and it was in a small community hall of a masjid. Anyway, I was disappointed when I heard b/c I look forward to mehndis as being the fun and eventful event...esp. for us youngsters, BUT I came to realize that the family and the bride and groom that were involved couldn't care less b/c mehndi's just weren't a big deal to them at all. They were completely happy and fine. They didn't need 'entertainment' at the mehndi for it be special for them.

      What I'm trying to say here is if the bride and groom and the majority of their families are happy with just having a simple get together where people can have dinner, talk, take a few pictures then leave it at that. Especially if their happier doing it that way for religious reasons. Do what makes everyone happy and don't try pressuring them or yourself by trying to make it "fun" if that's just not a priority for them. The important thing is they're getting married and all the important people in their life will be together on the special occasion and that's all that really matters in the end, right? Sorry for my rant, just my 2 cents. lol.
      Hope it helps!
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