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Find A Match! - GS zaroorat-e-rishta!

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  • chapter 2
    Space romance! Space romance in the bathroom! Meh to yeh bhi sikh gaee! Leo girl upar stars mai hee achi lagti hai!

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  • chapter 2
    Phir to sex hee karna hoga!

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  • chapter 2
    Shyte, record, pause and play! Audio noise is removed by matched filters! Show slithery images and ads! loosen the gun! Entissue when shadow! Don't listen to shadow when probabilitizing voice!
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  • chapter 2
    Hum Punjabi hain!

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  • FastLike4G
    why so quiet ?

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  • chapter 2
    commented on 's reply
    queer shut up!

  • chapter 2
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  • humanityfirst
    Seeking proposals for Him:

    Engineer son doing job as Senior Engineer in Australia
    Age: 34
    Height: 5.10
    Sect: Sunni Muslim
    Cast: Rajput Punjabi
    Complexion : Fair
    Education: Bachelor in electrical engineer from UET. Masters in computer Engineering from UET
    Profession: Engineer in multinational company in Australia
    Residents: Australia, permanent Resident
    parents are in Islamabad have own 1 Kanal house
    Marital status: divorced
    Parents :Father( R) high rank govt officer , Mother house wife

    Siblings: All siblings are engineers or doctor
    2 sisters (1 doctor and other is engineer), both are happily married and settled in New Zealand & Australia,
    1 brother (he is Engineer , his wife is MBBS doctor settled in Islamabad).

    Requirement : Preferably professional degree holder, good looking girl from decent and educated family with similar status, Preferably from Islamabad, Rawalpindi , nearby cities or Australia, New Zealand. Single or divorced.

    Son is in Islamabad until 18th October 2019.

    email : [email protected]
    Attached Files
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  • mulzious
    Profile of Female MBBS Doctor

    Age: 26
    Height: 5-6, Slim and Pretty
    Sect: Sunni Muslim
    Resident: Lahore, Pakistan
    Education/Profession: MBBS Doctor (Govt)
    Status; Divorced after a few months. No kids.

    Partner Preference: Doctor preferred but not mandatory
    Age: 35 max
    Status: no kids
    Education: Must be doctor/engineer or well educated from good university

    Please email: [email protected]

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  • alisha476
    Re: Find A Match! - GS zaroorat-e-rishta!

    Female profile
    Age : 26
    Height : 5 ft 2 "
    Sect : Sunni
    Country of Residence : Bahrain
    Education : bsc in banking and finance
    Complexion : fair
    Marital status : single, never married
    Hobbies / Interests : cooking ,shopping, travelling, deepening my Islamic knowledge,
    Comments : I m a practicing Muslim, pray 5 times a day but don't wear hijab.
    Gender : Male
    Age : 27-33
    Marital Status : Single
    Sect : Sunni
    Education :
    Annual Income : Comfortable enough to raise a family with ease and joy
    Country of residence : middle east/Pakistan/UK/Canada/Europe
    Status : Citizen

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  • lovecoaster
    Seeking proposals for Him:

    Height: 5'10"

    Sect: Sunni

    Marital Status: Divorced in 2006 (married for 1 year , no kids)

    Age: Born in 1974

    Country of residence: Pakistan ( Will relocate to USA )

    Education: Associates Degree (College)

    Profession: Business related to Oil & Gas

    Partner preferences:

    Age Max 40

    Marital Status: Single or divorced prefer no kids

    Location: USA

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  • kundan
    Seeking proposals for HER:

    Complexion: Very fair and slim

    Height: 5?6?

    Mother Tongue: Punjabi

    Sect: Sunni

    Marital Status: Divorced

    Age: Born in 1987

    Country of residence: USA

    Visa Status: US Citizen

    Education: Bachelors in Global Affairs and Masters in Public Policy

    Institutions attended: George Mason University (Bachelors and Masters)

    Profession: Business Analyst

    Partner preferences:

    Age Max 40

    Marital Status: Single or divorced prefer no kids

    Education: Masters

    Location: USA

    Must be well settled.

    For further correspondence please email [email protected]

    Thank you.

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  • ShimmerV
    Female Candidate looking for a suitable Male match

    Location: Dubai
    Place of residence: she has been living in Dubai since childhood
    Ethnicity: Karachi, Pakistani (Urdu Speaking)
    Profession: Currently working as an event coordinator in the food industry
    Education: Culinary School
    Religion: Sunni Muslim (Moderately religious with a strong sense of faith)
    Height: 5'7
    Complexion: Medium toned
    Build: Slim, smart & very well dressed

    Description: Comes from a well respected family. Smart and homely with excellent culinary skills, she is very presentable and has a humble personality. Very well spoken and able to host & carry out social gatherings with profound worldly knowledge.

    Looking for: A DECENT Pakistani man 32+ years of age born/raised/educated preferably out of Pakistan (not compulsory), educated to degree level with a stable job/business and has atleast moderate religious views.

    Kindly personal message me if interested.

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  • bashri84
    Please contact me at +923344055118 if looking rishta in pakistan or abroad.

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  • third string
    Originally posted by Roses18 View Post
    Asalaamulaikum everyone.


    Does anyone have a suitable guy rishta for the below or know of any rishta ladies in the UK specifically dealing with punjabi arain rishta's?

    ### FEMALE PROFILE ####

    Age: 24
    Location: Major city in North of England
    Ethnicity: Pakistani (Punjabi)
    Caste: Arain
    Nationality/Place of residence: Born, raised and living in UK (North)
    Profession: Currently working in the Legal Sector
    Education: Law LL.B
    Religion: Sunni Muslim - No milaads/khatam's etc. No Hijab. Prays 5 times a day.
    Height: 5'4
    Complexion: Fair to Medium
    Build: Smart - normal

    Description: Down to earth, humble, attractive, good heart, positive, good morals and values, respects family, tries to be a good muslim

    Looking for:

    A pakistani punjabi arain guy between ages of 25 - 28 born and raised in the UK, educated to degree level with a stable job, prays 5 times a day and strives to be a good person and muslim. Preferably from a major city in the UK.

    Initially seeking a rishta from the UK but will consider US/Canada and pakistanis settled in the UK with British nationality.

    Please personal message me if you are interested in this profile inshallah.

    Jazakallah for taking the time to read this. May allah swt bless you!

    How can you be a good muslim if you follow the caste system and only marry in your caste? And how can you be a good Muslim if you're nationalistic and only marry people born in england?

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