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Natural Look - Makeup?

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    Natural Look - Makeup?

    Please post here names of brands or codes of make up that used in combination give a very natural look.

    I know of Luscious Cosmetics - Natural look make up bag that has the appropriate eye shade, lipstick, blush on, base etc. to give the natural look but i want to know of any experiences of natural look you had tried and achieved. Please do mention the:
    • lipstick brand/shade
    • Blush on brand/shade
    • Base
    • Eye Shadow brand/shade you used.

    if you could paste pictures .. it would be of much help.thanks!!

    Basically, this is what i am talking about .. they might actually have a lot of make up on but apparently it gives a very natural look!

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    Re: Natural Look - Makeup?

    i dont generally do nude/natural lips but here's what i know as to achieving this look

    u need good skin to begin with, a foundation that matches your skin tone, a lipstick that is the same shade as your lips or one shade darker, mascara, eyeliner applied to the waterline only (not too thick) a blush in a natural (beigy pink or nude) shade and eyeshadow in again a shade matching your eyelid color or just one shade darker. eyebrows should be well groomed and healthy looking

    as to what the names of the colors/brands gotta experiment on your own...because this depends on how pigmented your lips are, what the undertones of your skincolor are (warm or cool/yellow tones/blue tones etc). A color that looks beautifully natural on my lips might make you look washed out or may be too dark on you. So I'd suggest going to a makeup counter and asking them to recommend products for you.
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