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Cost of wedding in England

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    Cost of wedding in England

    Anyone planning/planned a wedding recently? What seems to the average cost?

    I know that it depends on the number of events and how glam you want it to be, but for me I'm focusing on a simple reception i.e. one event (BTW I'm not getting married but thought I'd ask!).

    Since no one with experience more relevant to England replied, let me describe my experience of getting an idea on wedding expenses in Pakistan which may help you. One key thing that I learned was that prices keep changing based on the wedding season, and no one took me seriously on the phone for mere inquiries about prices.

    First we have to do our homework. For estimating minimum expenditure, decide on the minimum number of guests that will be attending. Then identify each stage a typical guest will go through from the time of getting out of their car, till the time of them getting back into their car to leave. From parking expenses, to venue, to tables, to serving, to cleanup, to electricity, etc. Then search for service providers of those services online and through other service providers. Meet up a couple of those service providers face to face, and get estimates for the minimum number of guests. Then visit the nearby events where some of those service providers are providing services to assess the quality of their service. This is a highly involved process.

    If you plan to have fewer than 50 guests, do check out Marriott or some other big hotel so you will be dealing with only one vendor. They always have cooks who know how to cook desi dishes, and happily buy meat from wherever you tell them to. For bigger events, I will not recommend them as they could be incredibly expensive but nothing wrong in getting an estimate nevertheless. The downside of picking such a hotel though is that there are almost always other events going on there and your guests could clash with guests attending those other events. For example, I attended a wedding in one such hotel and there was a separate pool party going on in a completely separate section of the hotel. Some guests from that party started annoying women attending the wedding so it was quite embarrassing.


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      Thank you so much for taking time out to reply. I really appreciate it!

    One of the British magazines conducted a sociological survey in 2017 among couples who recently held a wedding ceremony in order to find out what the cost of a wedding in England is. According to the statistics of this magazine, the average cost of a wedding in England is 27 thousand pounds. But you need to understand that this is an average value. Whether it's a lot or a little is up to you. It all depends on your income. There are many ways to save money on a wedding. Personally, I used the site in order to order a tuxedo, for example. And I saved quite a bit on it.
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