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Getting Married to some one for Visa ? ( is it bad / good )

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    Getting Married to some one for Visa ? ( is it bad / good )

    One of My friend has finished his Masters Education here in Australia .

    Following the available options from Student to Temporary Visa to Permanent Visa and than eventually Citizenship is still possible for him but will take time ( 2 Yrs + 3 Yrs + 4 Yrs )

    If he Looks to get married to some one who is already a citizen or a Permanent Resident here .

    will it really be consider bad ?

    he does look to settle down here in Australia and live / settle rest of his life here.
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    In my opinion, it's not bad as long as the girl knows about it. People marry for different reasons, and as long as the reasons are clear to both the parties, it's not wrong
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      People do this all over the world. It's very common. There is nothing good or bad about it, as long as both parties are in agreeance, and they are careful not to get caught by immigration authorities.


        My Friend in Melbourne tried to find for his brother in similar way ; but they had a surprising feedback .

        At least in Australia - Families are not willing to marry with some one who is in such visa condition.

        so i was thinking if its considered that bad ??

        Khush rahoo , aour Khushian Bantooo


          The whole concept of arranged marriages revolves around some sort of materialistic objective. That is why, from a desi concept, theres nothing "wrong" with this behavior..

          In Pakistan, people will reject a well established professional, who just happens to be 2 inches shorter than the girl. But they will gladly give their daughter to a bucktoothed, illiterate taxi driver with a US passport. That is how it is.
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            well said!

          Is getting married for visa bad? No

          Whats bad is actually marrying them for visa and then either leaving them or stop giving them priority. That is, completely taken advantage of


            There is nothing wrong but generally the non-citizen is slightly at a disadvantage in such marriages due to the following reasons:

            1- The non-citizen is far less likely to have family in the adopted country, hence has almost non-existent social support other than the in-laws.
            2- A non-citizen is far more scared of laws of the adopted country. Sometimes due to lack of awareness but mostly because of the laws themselves that make it very hard for a person with little legal knowledge, little money and lack of general know-how to be on a level playing field with someone who has all of that and is also a citizen.

            3- The non-citizen is under pressure to adapt since moving to the new place was their choice after all.

            It has a great parallel with working on a visa. If the employer does not exploit the worker, great ! Otherwise, the non-citizen worker has very little negotiating power. There are people who have worked with great dedication at half the salary for years for the same employer without any raise all the while without being able to change jobs. If they complain, they are told to pack up and leave. Not just the job, but the country within like 24 hrs.

            I had an American co-worker whose wife was from some small European country. She too was having some visa issues. He was the most obnoxious person I have known with lots of inferiority complexes. He himself admitted that his wife would have left him if it were not for the rule that revokes green card if the marriage ends. Basically if a non-citizen person has little left to go back to, they are quite vulnerable.


              If his sincere and visa is just one reason but likes the girls personality its fine. If his going to leave after visa then thats bad .
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