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Day Care Center for Kids in Karachi

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    Day Care Center for Kids in Karachi

    I am kinda puzzled by this news about Daycare center in Karachi ...
    • KARACHI: Baby daycare centres proposed

      KARACHI, Feb 11: Sindh Minister for Population Welfare and Women Development Dr. Saeeda Malik had a meeting with British Deputy High Commissioner David Pearey in his office here on Tuesday and exchanged views on matters of common interest.

      She spoke about rights of women in Sindh and measures being adopted for their welfare and safeguarding their rights by the government of Pakistan as well as the Government of Sindh. She also informed him about the future plans of the government.

      David Pearey lauded the steps taken by the government and expressed his satisfaction. He assured the government of his full cooperation.

      He said that by looking at the sufficient number of women in the parliament, it appears that the government was taking practical measures for the development of women.

      Dr. Saeeda Malik observed that working women were confronted with multifarious problems as their off-springs are generally of tender ages, hence, proposals for setting up baby day-care centres and nurseries are under consideration. Besides, she said, there should be no gender discrimination in employment, rather it should be strictly on merit.-PPI


    What do you guys think about it? Is it a good idea? Is it needed? How will it affect Karachi and the life style of the working class?

    Sorry to say I have never been to Karachi (so sue me) and don't know how different its culture is from the rest of Pakistan.

    I am not against or for the day care centers ... you can say I am still in the process of making up an opinion about them.
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    hiiii thats sad

    ahmadjee the only section of society in karachi which i can think of and have seen which might need this the very poor section who migrate from other provinces and so dont have relatives in karachi....the mother usually works as a housemaid in ppl's houses while the father usually is unemployed [nasha krta ho ya bas kaam naheen krta ho]....these women have a hard time and usually either bring their kids with them to work or have their oldest daughter look after their kids which is kinda difficult...



      so aside from the scenario u mentioned there can be no scenarios where ppl may need to use a day care center? and if so, why is it sad? it fulfills a need does'nt it.
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        ahmadjee, day care care at homes..already existed in karachi for the longest time. Maybe, they might not be in news..but these places always existed. I myself belong to a family where almost every lady of the household worked. Some were teachers, some were doctors, some were engineers and some were other professionals. Few of my cousins had been going to day care centers since they were 3 months old...and relatives never had any complains with any day cares. I personally think that its a neat idea for working ladies..who don't have family members who can take care of newly borns...My main concern is that it should be affordable for everyone.


          I think day care can be a good thing, depending on situation. Family members can take care of young ones but not always. My friend lives in karachi. She works 9-2 & has a two year old child. The child stays with the mother in law at home. But you all cannot imagine how much 'ahsaan-jatana' goes on by mother in law...I did this, I did that, I am so tired...kind of stuff. My friend cannot be late coming home and she is supposed to leave everything for the child in perfect place otherwise mother in law gets so upset. What she goes through is too much. In her case a day care would be a good option.

          I agree that should be affordable.


            Irem U need a good spanking.

            Well, ahmadjee, it is a neccessity u know. Being a KArachiite, I know that a sizeable population of women folk are involved in some kind of work. Such day care centers would especially help that strata of the society in particular that belong to the middle or upper middle class. The well-off, self sufficient class would also nonetheless benefit from it, however they have the requisite resources and hence can afford to have full time maids/nannies which isnot something new in our society.
            Qrius, so far I just knew of one such place in Karachi University where my professors would leave their younger children during the day.
            It isn't something to be sad about. No working women can take an indefinite leave, lets say for a year or two or until the baby reaches the age when it can be admitted to the montessori. Also, while keeping in mind the fact that there is no concept of fathers taking leave and taking care of the child and sharing the burden the same way as a mother does in our culture; it is not an unacceptable thing.
            I donot think that nowadays the extended family really wants to look after the child while the mother is away. Trends are changing....


              as Qrius sayz.. karachi already have so many day care centers etc.. personally i dont like day care centers very much.. dont know y.. with the increasing problemz of child abuse in the news lately makes me wonder if i can trust ppl working there or not.
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                AJ: I am surprised...these centres have been here for quite sometime and continue to exist unabated.

                Personally speaking, i do not find anything wrong with them..they are catering to an unfulfilled need of a particular segment of the society..that losty has rightfully pointed out-basically the middle and upper-middle income class where both the spouse are working.

                irem: kia naqsha khencha hai! it's not like this bhai!
                Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.


                  khanu bhai - bhai naheen mein behn hoon

                  lost soul - ye haq waisay toh siraf ammi ko hae par aap behn kee tarhaan hae is lyay maarna hi chaahti hayn toh maar leyn lekin plz zara aahista se kyun keh dard hoti hay na spanking se

                  Fraud bhai - its sad to me that such a need exists...cuz i think its imperative that the mother stays home to take care of the child...just my opinion tho..


                    I was thinking about the topic one day..and i was thinking that daycares do exist in karachi..but most of the moms do drive to those places before leaving for if more and more workplaces start daycares will be beneficial for everyone. For examples that came to mind includes sewing factories, hospitals, schools, women police stations and also airport coz lot of ground staff, airhostesses and aviation related women can take advantage of that facility


                      Irem, that was just a joke, glad you didn't take that seriously. Tried to delete it but failed so left it as it is.

                      Why should I beat you or think about that,haan.



                        Originally posted by irem:
                        Fraud bhai - its sad to me that such a need exists...cuz i think its imperative that the mother stays home to take care of the child...just my opinion tho..
                        The mother can not always stay at home to take care of the children. Resons could range from career aspirations, to financial needs. family is not always there, or not always suited to help with the kids. I understand where you are coming from though and am not in disagreement.
                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          Now i am not from karachi but i also think day care centers have been there for long now sis's kids in rawalpindi are going to day care center and our she thinks ke kaffi achai tarah care kartay haiN bachoN ki ...i dont see anything wrong in day care centres in pak .kam karnay wali mothers ko kafi saholat rahti hooN gee .
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