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My bro. Part IVIVIVVI

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    My bro. Part IVIVIVVI

    I know everyone is like :YAWN: :YAWN: but right now i just need to share. Bear with me


    Just when i thought it was all getting better. My bro actually started staying at home doing regular, tv, cooking, messing with the kids. And this was a huge blessing, especially after considering that for months on end we'd never see him in the house. He came home slept and then vanished during the day.

    He pleaded guilty for his trial, he was ordered to see a youth offending panel and he EVEN attended the first one I was real hopeful that this was the slow step to recovering himself from the street...

    I guess somethings aren't meant to be. He left yesterday on Eid at 11am and its 7pm today and he's not back. Mum is going to pieces and i don't know where to start and what to do.

    And worse thing is i got over emotional yesterday. He's been pushing me for months, years...and yesterday i BLEW.

    Hes always saying how he'd go rob someone or stab someone so i shouted at him and told him to go do every friggin thing he wanted. I told him if jail appeals to you then go out right now and stab someone...

    I'm feeling so guilty

    If u are feeling guilty because u think he might go and actually do something like tht....then u are wrong...I'm sure he won't....

    i'm sure he realises the consequences of stabbing or robbing someone are just not worth it....



      Is he back yet?
      I'm sure ur worried sick
      "... te hun gall aithe mukdi!"


        Re: My bro. Part IVIVIVVI

        We all need to get it off our chest somehow, its better to get it off than keep it in so don't feel that you're putting us to sleep : )

        Real hopeful eh, I guess along the way you made expectations too. Don't next time : ) Its just safer that way cuz if it happens then atleast you won't be shocked. Some things are to be worked for, there is still hope : ) Do not despair. Trust me on this.

        Well I guess shouting at him provoked him. Its better to stay quiet for some time rather than get "emotional" especially when its anger.

        However, you shouldn't feel guilty because its him who's causing all this and not you. You may have provoked this action but he's been this way for a while so don't beat yourself over it. Its not worth it.
        Rabul MashriqaiN wal MaghribaiN


          Disco~Duck dont worry chanda ...he will be back ...acha tell me how old is he ?
          "He will provide for you a light wherein you will walk, and will grant you forgiveness. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
          (Surah Al-Hadid)


            Cooldude - I feel guilty for what he's become. I feel helpless. I love my lil bro more than my life and i see him as a baby. I can't watch him crumble cuz it kills me and he's dragging me down with him. He just doesn't realise. As for stabbing, robbing...i don't think he has any limits. I guess he'd do anything cuz he's tooooo naive, stupid and innocent.

            Shinoo - Yaar. Worried sick is not the word. I don't know if there are words to describe how i feel. Inexplicable.

            Cocay - Thanks sweetheart. I'll have to listen up on that singing of yours yet and add my contributions ( i messed up the pc too ) and this laptop sucks. As for my bro i want to help, i have to help but i don't know how to. Frustrating.

            Mehroo - He just turned 16 MASHALLAH.

            PS: 2nd nite running and hes not home


              ^ *hug

              OOh sweetheart I know the feeeling
              I am sure he is ok....
              If u start allowing terrible thoughts in ur mind then there'll be a point where u cant go back....that ur convinced that something bad has happened.
              Keep thinking positive.....He'll be back soon!

              "... te hun gall aithe mukdi!"


                i hope everything turns out to be good
                ...I know that which you do not know. (Quran - 1:30)...... Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?...(Quran - 55:13)...
                Shikra was here.


                  heyhope everything will be fine,im sure he'll come back soon,n stop feeling guilty,its not ur fault


                    sometimes u have to be cruel to be kind, kick him out of the house! i know its a tuff decision but its up to u and yur family to make. Show him whos boss in yur house! and trust me he'll come crying back like a lost puppy.



                    in my opinion hes taking the piss big time and emotionally blackmailing u and yur family, and he'll keep on doin it untill u kick him out yur house.


                      Ducky Fella: Pehle to aap please tension na lo...ok and smile [] <== like this..i know it ain't a smile..but i want one this big...k? :~)

                      Now onto the issue at hand. Hmm..hai to know what..i know it sounds harsh and kinda boorish, but i tend to agree with punjabi-munda...uske formule ko thora dilute kar ke use kar ke dekho...i am sure it would work out inshallah (aur uski pocket money to bilkul band kar do ...aur eidi tou bilkul na dena :nono3: )

                      Be good,
                      Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.



                        dont worry yaara inshallah Allah behtari karay ga and its not ur fault k

                        this is an azmaish from Allah...Woh different tareekon se Azmata Hae...hosla karo aur himmat na haarna dua karo bas tum bahadur kurri ho na


                          Dear Disco~Duck i know sis how u feel ...i have been through same sitation few years back but i tell u waqat sub se bara ustaad hai ..let him learn from his mistakes ..sometimes koi advice koi khaloos bharay mashawraa pyaar mohabat kuch bhi nahi kaam atta .i jope sub kuch theek hoo jaey .
                          "He will provide for you a light wherein you will walk, and will grant you forgiveness. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
                          (Surah Al-Hadid)




                              Shinzy - Trying to think positive. I know he won't do anything drastic but god knows how long he will stay out and we don't know where he is or who with. His friends protect him by saying we don't if..

                              punjabi - Well to be honest with you. That's what we said to him..that if you really think your 'friends' are going to 'support' you then GO ! About throwing him out..mum would never ever ever let us. He's got a criminal record and he wouldn't survive for a day on his own..

                              Khanuuuuu mle chiquu - Yaar, trying to : ) Soooooooo hard. Itni tension detey hea na yea ladkay..suchi se. You know i feel worse cuz abbu is ammi is bros r sis is one is even talking in the house...

                              Eidi tho woh lekar gaya hea. Until he doesn't spend it all ghar anay ka chance bhi nahin hea...

                              Imzi - Thanks

                              mehroo - Haan na yaar. Tried and tested everything. Talking, being nice, giving him what he wants, NOT giving him what he wants, shouting, an odd slap hehe, basss nothing works.

                              Its the 3rd day today and hes not home