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My respect to u all!!!!!!!!

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    My respect to u all!!!!!!!!

    My respect to u all. To the ladies and the gents. U people are( i feel this way) great that u have courage to ask such questions

    I myself woud not dare to ask any thing like this. Thats just my personality. I always think about the worry's/problems i have: they are my problems and i have to solve them myself and dont need to bother any1.
    But it seems that is sometimes/always good to ask other people who might know more then me, or just to talk to some one else.

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    There is no salvation for the soul, But to fall in Love.
    It has to creep and crawl, Among the Lovers first.

    Imam Jallal-u-Din Rumi

    It is good to ask, but not the questions Jews asked Hazrat Moosa AH (the ones mentioned in Quran).

    Also, its good to seek advise from other people so you get to know different angles of an issue

    May Allah SWT guide us all towards right and help us follow the right