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    I remember a couple of years ago, there was a lot of attention to a rape case. The woman claimed that this guy whom she met in a bar had raped her.. here are some of the details I remember of the case..

    They met in a bar and then the woman asked him back to her place. There was foreplay involved and it ended up with both of them naked in bed still involved in the foreplay. It got to the stage of actual intercourse but the woman decided she didn't want to go that far. She asked the man to stop but he insisted that he was 'too far' to stop. In the end she gave in - there was no struggle or violence involved. A few days later she reported to the police that she had been raped.

    Personally, I think that if the woman did not want full sex then she should have made it clear to the guy from the moment they got into her house. It was no excuse for him to insist that they should have intercourse but saying no 'at the last minute' was not good enough. They were both lying naked in bed and had been 'making out' for quite a while.

    I think it highlights a fact that men try to understand the needs of women more than women do of men. This woman should have realised that men don't have an on/off switch like women can sometimes have. She should have made it clear to this guy before the throes of passion that she didn't mind foreplay and lying in bed making out with him, but she didn't want intercourse...

    What do you think?

    Cool Dude... When a Woman say No it means NO and if you are any kind of a man then you can and you should understand what No means.

    There is never any reason for sex without consent..


      Are you referring to the case above? If so, then would you class it as rape?


        Yes... unwanted sex is RAPE.

        And women have very sweet and subtle ways of letting you know if they want sex. For real men, there is never a problem reading the signals. The matter should never comes to words. If a girl has to say "STOP" its too late Man. You have already crossed the boundry. the sooner you stop the better.

        Izhaar -e-mohabbat karte ho
        Ehsas -e- mohabbat kya jano
        Yeh Raaz-e mohabbat hai pyare
        tum Raaz-e-mohabbat kya jano.

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          I agree.. but you didn't read what I wrote. Look at the circumstances, they were both lying in bed naked with each other.. She didn't resist, and wasn't too sure about saying No.

          You still think he should have been tried for rape?

          Let me ask you another question. Explain the difference between Manslaughter and Murder..


            Murder is with Intent
            Man Slaughter is without intent


              I disagree, although the woman had a point, she got herself into the situation where she lead the guy on. He shouldn't have been tried for rape.



                If you are going to address technicalities, then how do you know that he didn't seduce her?

                Perhaps she had doubts in her mind from the start but his wiley ways convinced her to get so far.....and then her mind took control.



                  I'm trying to dig up the BBC article about this.

                  I don't disagree with you guys, any Rapist should rot in hell as far as i'm concerned. My Post was more geared towards what her part in this was. Men have no right to force women, but i'm sure you're aware how signals can get mixed up sometimes. The woman was not forced here, she said No once and then gave in after that. There was no violence. Why did she get Naked in bed with him if she had no intention of having sex????


                    If signals are getting mixed up , then as a rule ASK! Men are always looking for excuses..


                      You're right.. i'm getting carried away with taking my side!


                        Women should understand that men are like kettle on stow filled with water. Once the water turned into steam and steam pushes the lid etc, then that point cooling down the steam is very difficult I also do not understand that why a women give wrong signals?? I mean you invite a young man after night out, start messing and then you end up naked in bad and still playing then when the last moment arrived then she said no. Why??? Why not behave the stage before that??

                        "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


                          On legal grounds, the lady did not consent to the act of intercourse. The guy then is considered rapist.

                          So now to talk about Cooldudes stand: Well he, and insaaniat, is right. in their approaches but that was an partial story. Like Muzna said who lead who on? If the guy did then he is cast under more suspicion of intent to committ rape, I think.

                          But it is true that once a critical point is cross, the point of no return, sorry Tanhaa, a NO is not heard/understood. That, in many, creates a stronger desire to win the challange. Then things happen. Then a price is paid by some.