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    1- What does forgiving someone mean to you?
    To me it is, giving up the claim to be compensated for the hurt or loss in this world and the hereafter. To be polite and civil to them just like I'd be with someone who hadn't caused me any harm. I don't wish evil for them and pray for their well being. But, it in no way means the incident doesn't hurt when I remember it, nor that I could trust them again. I do not forget it. I keep an account of it.
    ^ Is it true forgiveness?

    2- Why do you forgive?
    I forgive because I seek forgiveness from Allah (swt) for myself.

    Abdullah ibn Amr (may Allah be pleased with him) reported:

    The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, was upon the pulpit and he said:

    ارْحَمُواتُرْحَمُواوَاغْفِرُوايَغْفِرْاللَّهُلَكُم ْ

    Be merciful to others and you will receive mercy. Forgive others and Allah will forgive you.

    Source: Musnad Ahmad 7001, Grade: Sahih
    PS: My answers are in quotes
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    Re: Forgiveness?

    forgiving someone for me means that i do not hold grudge against that person and i do not treat it as a personal thing.

    the reason why i forgive someone is the fact that:

    "to err is human and to forgive is divine"

    it's human nature to err and to realize his/her mistakes and ultimately sincerely and genuinely asking for forgiveness is a great human trait. i forgive to give him/her another chance to mend his/her ways.

    Allah loves forgiveness and it's an ibaada to forgive for the sake of Him.
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      Re: Forgiveness?

      What does forgiving someone mean to you?

      To have empathy for someone else and let things go because Allah is the most forgiving and if he can forgive us everyday then it is good to show that kind of love and respect to others. Even though only He is and always will be the most forgiving. To forget about the hurt, not hold a grudge and still wish them well is definitely the hardest part about forgiveness but I think it's the highest form.

      Why do you forgive?

      Sometimes, I forgive because I want to continue to have a good relationship with the person and we go about being good friends/family members, etc, other times I forgive for myself to have peace of mind and distance myself because some people are only meant to be in your life for a short time, as either a lesson or a blessing.
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