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Having a bad day..

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    Having a bad day..

    I'm sure everyone has come across this at one point or another in their daily life.

    Someone complains, and that complaint is dismissed to someone having a bad day.
    In other words, the real erason WHY that person acted out or said what they said is ignored.

    Another thing, that i'm sure you all have used (I know i have in the past) is that someone tries to explain away their behaviour by using hte excuse of a bad day. Note, this is very different from an apology. Example: "I said thsi to you b/c i am having a bad day/week." This si different from an apology b/c it's more a lame attempt to explain away behaviour..rather htan a sincere attempt to mend things.

    Is this a decent and respectful way to treat others, and more importantly, ourselves? by blaming circumstances or daily events for bad behaviour rather than addressing the real base for the complaint, aren't we demeaning our fellow person and ourselves?
    The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.

    Re: Having a bad day..

    You can smack them then say I forgot to take my medication that is why I behaved that way. But you have to have doctors prescription ready to save your job if it happens on the job.
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