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jaadoo aur its effect

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    jaadoo aur its effect

    have you or any body close to affected by jadoo kala ja rohani(white)
    please share with us

    Re: jaadoo aur its effect

    Desi Ostrich ji, I may be totally wrong here and I definitely do believe in the concept of jadoo, but, I have seen that usually people who are already miserable due to one reason or another are the ones who complain about being victims of jadoo. It almost seems like when they have no explanation of misfortunes in their course of life or career or relationships, they resort to jadoo and never review their choices or possible reasons for setbacks.

    I know that is not true in all cases but I can confidently say so for at least 3 people I know.
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      I know in Islam people say jadoo does exist and i belve it does but i have never seen anyone who has experienced it (thank Allah). I just think people have to be careful talking about you know saying oh so and so does jadoo or it is being done. Its just that recently i watched a programme on children in africa being abused in the vilest ways and accused of witchcraft. From that i learnt that sometimes it is complete utter jalalihat in which people say bad misfortune is jadoo.


        Re: jaadoo aur its effect

        I have to agree with Niksik.
        And personally I am just plain fed up of folks that blame everything on somebody out there that thinks they are important enough to do jadoo on. Makes me wanna say to them, "Get a life."

        And I'm sorry if this sounds callous but I really have no patience for people that use this as a scape goat to the myriad of problems that we all go through at some point or other in our lives.

        My husband doesn't love me......someone has done jadoo on him/us.....someone that is jealous of us and never wanted him to marry me.....someone that wants to break us up so that they can have their daughter/sister/cousin/whatever marry him instead.

        My business is not faring well......someone that is jealous is doing this to us.

        We are unable to find a suitable rishta for our and so has done jadoo on us because we turned them down.

        My child falls ill and does not recover......someone that is not able to conceive a child of their own has done jadoo on him/her.

        My husband's career suffers......someone at work has done jadoo on him.

        Do people really believe this?

        I do not deny that black magic exists. I would be denying my faith if I thought that. But I also do not believe that it happens as often as I hear about it.

        I have been told on more than one occasion that someone has done black magic on me and that I should take measures to counter it. Did I follow the advice? No. Absolutley not.

        While Islam confirms the existence of such practice, it also condemns its use. Hence my belief that use of such measures for good or bad should be avoided.

        If there has been magic done on me, then I must have faith that Allah will protect me and keep me from being impacted by it.

        If I am impacted by such a thing then either I have a weakness in my faith or it is a test to see if I will crumble and fall prey to the tempation to counter it through similar means.

        I really want to understand why people are so ready to blame their faults/misfortunes/misery on black magic.


          Re: jaadoo aur its effect

          I do believe on JADOO to the extent its been defined in Quran and Hadees. I am a firm believer of reciting Quran specially Sorah-Naas to get rid of any such thing but I certainly dont believe in these kind of jadugars

          Goyan keshk aqbat taskeen ast...Awal shor ast aqbat namkeen ast
          Har chanz aasiyat sang zeerey...Ee surat-e-beqrar barbin ast


            OK I do agree ppl take the reason of being under the influence of Jadoo as a scapegoat, but I have certain beliefs to defend the concept of Jadoo in Islam.

            As we all know the use of surah falaq and surah alnaas by the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) for himself. We when go into the translation of these two surahs, it tells us to take protection of Allah from the waswasas coming in the mind, which are definitely made in the mind by Satan, worst forms are the infected by schizophrenia. and if we believe in duaas, in those verses it also make us to take Allah's protection from hasad, that means hasad affects on our fortune.

            Well this is spiritual aspect of my belief.

            But one of my teacher used to say a line, "science has beaten magic", I totally agree with that, in old times people used to talk about flying carpets and other things to fly using magic, Science has invented planes and helicopters to do the same, so for affect of satan on mind there are medicines to control wawasas in mind including schizophrenia.

            well to cut long story short I would recommend people to go to the doctor with of course prayers, rather tahn going to the alim baba.

            Well I also believe satan affect on the mind, who are already depressed or are in the lowest of their beliefs, might be because of failures in life whether emotional or financial or any thing.
            Piladai Mujhai Woh Mai Purda Soz, Kai Aati Nahin Fasl e Gul Roz Roz...


              Re: jaadoo aur its effect

              Scene: Large town in Pakistan. Night. There is a power cut so everything is in total darkness. A small group of ladies are making their way up an un-finished cement stairway to the roof of the building. They are being lead by the owner of the house to view progress on her new rooftop construction. The only light is the faint beam of the torch held by the owner to show the way...

              As they near the top of the uneven steps, one of the guests loses her footing and twists her ankle.

              When she goes home she says to her mother - "Mum, we went to c her building work and I twisted my ankle". Her mother replies "Oh my beti, this was because they put nazar on u, they r jealous of u, oh my dear beti, we must seek some solution to rid u of the evil eye". The daughter replies and says "yes indeed, it was their evil eye and their curses. I think they r the ones who have done jadoo on me in the past too."

              R u laughing? Any sane mind would apply some reasoning and logic and work out that there was not enough light to see by, the surface was uneven, it was very likely for someone to lose their footing....

              But this really happened and the mother and daughter were convinced it was nazar and that these people had probably done jadoo on them in the past, based on tonights events.
              One must make a mark in this world, if I am remembered for anything, let it be cheese and crackers...


                Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                ishQ ka jadoo pehlay ser cherh ke bolay...
                biwi baad shadi hath mein bailna tolay...
                HTD/S11: To fool your enemies, you must first fool your allies.
                ARY: baighairton ka badshah


                  Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                  I ve been wanting to take it out of my system for sooooo long!! Here's my story....

                  I've always been into sports and really healthy food and all and I never ever ever got ill, so around 10 years back out of nowhere I started coughing and it kept getting worse and then it came to a point when I couldnt breathe, I started getting severe asthma atacks, no inhalers, nebulizers or steroids would fix me. It was so bad that I was unable to breathe for around 20-40 minutes in a go and I screamed and pushed and pulled stuff and wished to die but I couldnt. While I would go through this my family would sit there stare at me and cry. I went to see doctors all over, UK, US, CANADA, everywhere all my tests and everything would come out perfect even when I was undergoing an asthma attack doctors couldnt figure why my chest x rays and all are coming out perfect.
                  After this every other day I would wake up in the morning with multiple bruises all over my body and then whenever I was alone and in bed I was unable to get up for around 10-15 minutes I would keep trying but I swear to God it felt as if someone was holding my arms and legs and I could feel the force... just couldnt see it!! The worst time would be every month when I got my period, cause that's the time when you are "na paak" those 6 days would be horrible I would undergo severe attacks around 8-10 times a day, everyday!! Then I did isthikara to find out how I ll get fixed and kept seeing my khaala and before all this I we didnt quite believe in black magic.. as in we did .. but you know .. you think it's around but it cant happen to you. Anyways I kept seeing here night after night and kept seeing a man with a beard who can help me.
                  When I told my mom we knew this is what's going on so the first thing I did was stopped coming infront of my khaala. and the weirdest thing was that after a week went by and she didnt see me she got so desperate that if my room was locked she would stand on the door and keep knocking (she lived 2 streets down so she would come every morning and I would see her) then she started calling me , which again was something she never did. I would nt pick up. so one day she came in the house... literally sneaked in and came to my room (everybody was napping the servant let her in .. this time we were living in pakistan) and sat on my bed and started reciting something(I remeber I could hear her whispers.. but couldnt figure out what she was saying) and I jumped up and she went quite and said I hadnt seen you in so long so I thought I d come say hello... that night and many more night after that were horrible. I stayed on the oxygen thing for 5 days (around a week after this incident) and my parents were done .. they knew for sure I wouldnt make it. my dad's side of the family and everyone came over and they were with me the whole time and all.
                  Now things were so serious that my brothers and whole of my dad's family started looking for some maulvi guy to help me. They found tons of them but all of them would run away after just one "parhai" they kept saying this thing is too strong and we cant do it.. they would literally run away!!
                  Then the servants were cleaning one day and they found weird papers with crazy drwaings and (tauba) Quran written backwards.


                    Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                    wait .. more coming up .. phone call .. let me get done!!!


                      Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                      Ok so anyways, when they found it they yelled out for mom and then the guy they found they took it to him to get checked and he said it's cause she's not happy that you have a good life and since your daughter is very important to you and you're so close she wants to hurt you by giving her pain and this is the worst kind of black magic.. it's called sifli ilam and that the taveez has a date til end of next year and if we hadnt found it I would ve died for sure. After all this the guy started doing parhai and everything and shukar Allah I improved soo much!! I was unable to walk to the bathroom I would run out of breath. I'm back to my normal life now! These one year and 4 months were hell for me and my family!! I run, hike, gym like crazy now and no medicines no nothing no breathing problems!
                      Oh I forgot to mention, in the end we found one uncle in lahore he's a retired professor he has done 8 masters!! He is now into Allah stuff, he told her that I have the power to show you faces of whoever did this to you. He recited darood-e-taj and nad-e-ali several times and put a blank sheet of paper in front of us and just like when you browse the internet .. the way a picture downloads.. the exact way a sketch began to appear on the paper.. when the picture finished it was my bloody khala's face! My mom and her had words later and she admitted she said she wished for me to die and she still does.

                      These things happen, they exsist for sure.. no matter what science or anybody else says or prooves. If you get stuck with magic you re in deep trouble.. your whole life gets messed up. people who do this kind of stuff will pay for sure. So will my khaala InshAllah, if not in this life then she will in the hereafter. I hope she gets to feel the pain my parents did and I hope she suffers the same helplessness I suffered! AMEEN!

                      Jealousy and hasad and all these things make you a very bad person.. just like this woman!!


                        Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                        OMG....İm speechless
                        kapracrazy,take care of urself.


                          Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                          ^^........I know lady.........have been in this situation from like past 6 yrs....Its a year, you are very luck deary..., be shukr that everything is alright now.
                          But Allah(swt) has been meharbaan on me and my family to have sent somebody who has been helping me,.....
                          Even I am patiently waiting for them realise that they have wronged...Allah(swt) will show them all.

                          I know the reasons people give, even I thought that could this really be happening to me...but yes its true, some really bad things have happened..


                            Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                            Asa...kapracrazy i was so shocked 2 hear ur story coz same stuff used 2 happen 2 me im much better now alhamdullilah but i just wanna say that i didnt belive much in black magic but ive experienced such things that i dont want to even say and scare people its horrible when ur going through it sometimes u cant even control ur body or tongue. whoever is going through stuff like this please read namaz regularly and do dua lots of qul dont go 2 these peers etc
                            Nothing is impossible to get when your asking from the one who created all and will end all


                              Re: jaadoo aur its effect

                              Hey guys, yeah I know, it's the most horrible thing that can happen to anyone and the worst thing is it's not in anybody's hands to fix it! noorani ilam is the only way to fix it and it's works it's way in slowly so you gotta be patient... but I wouldnt wish this upon anyone.