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Lip Exfoliator

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    Lip Exfoliator

    Stuff You Need

    You will need 3 products, including your lip exfoliator, to make your lips super soft and supple.

    My lip tips always include:

    Lip Exfoliator: A creamy type with green tea extract, vitamins, and a gentle exfoliator. I don't purchase those with harsh abrasives, like ground nut shells.

    Lip Exfoliator Recipe
    Mix a dime size amount of honey with a teaspoon of regular sugar.

    Lip Balm: A lip balm with beeswax is the next item. Don't purchase chapsticks with a hard wax, because your lips will "dry out" more quickly, and you'll be reapplying all the time.

    Lip protector with SPF: Finally, you'll need a lip protector with sunscreen to help protect your lips from the sun. You really only need this when you're outdoors for an extended amount of time, or if your lips are sensitive to the sun.

    Here's What You Do
    To use the lip exfoliator will take you about 1 minute to complete, so get ready. I like to do mine before bed.

    1. Apply the lip exfoliator, using a circular motion on your lips. Leave it on for 1 minute.

    2. Remove your exfoliator according to the directions. I use a warm washcloth and a circular motion.

    3. When your lips are dry, apply the balm.

    4. Only apply the sunscreen protectant before you go outside.
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    Re: Lip Exfoliator

    Or just exfoliate when washing your face by using a muslin cloth or a toothbrush.