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    Originally posted by Bakra24 View Post

    Yes that's right. He just won the Monoco Grand Prix in this picture. That McLaren was a beast of a car! 1000 HP sheer monster of a car. Now these cars are too comfy and too safe, took out the gladiator aspect from the race. Prost was a brilliant racer, but too calculated, too mathematical, Senna was raw he didn't care about averages and graphs, that's why he was brilliant during rain. Master of the wet track.
    Senna was one hell of a driver, the antithesis of Lewis Hamilton. Which is ironic, as Senna is his GOAT. I find Lewis to be the most boring driver to have won a championship in the last 22 years, where as I find Max Verstappen and his eagerness and villainy to be a breath of fresh air for the sport, which was being dominated by one team & one driver for 8 years straight.

    I hope you didn't miss out on last years title decider, it was quite possibly the greatest sporting spectacle of this decade.

    Cars back then were absolute monsters, but cars these days are technical marvels and it's something that I appreciate about modern day F1. The Mercedes W11 from 2020 is quite possibly the quickest F1 car ever made. It was practically on rails around corners.

    Originally posted by Bakra24 View Post
    1000 HP sheer monster of a car.
    And 1,200 hp in qualifying trim, in a body made out of canoe building material. The cajones on those drivers!
    "Some people believe that necessity is the mother of Invention, but they're wrong, its War" - James May