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Things We Don't Like to Discuss: Part 2

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    Things We Don't Like to Discuss: Part 2

    Art imitates life. This is especially true when it comes to TV shows. American TV shows contain issues such a teen pregnancies, kids announcing that they're gay, etc. Desi dramas center mostly around the chik-chik between saas and bahu and that accurately mirrors Desi society. Our drama shows have branched out in terms of issues over the years, but not to the same extent as American shows because what is more accepted in the latter society is still very taboo in the former. If lack of prevalence of these issues in Desi society is to account for this, then Alhumdolillah for that blessing.

    But if these issues were to happen with your own child irrespective of gender, how would you respond?

    A) Talk to them. Try to understand where their feelings are stemming from. Try to guide them using Islam. Continue being their parent or sibling and continue loving them in the same way without any change in behavior because that is still your baby (or blood relative) at the end of the day. Encourage them to take responsibility for their actions.

    B) If talking and counseling hasn't changed anything, keep a distance from them. Avoid Desi gatherings and keep as tight a lid as possible on your issues for fear of the stigma Desi society and gossip will bring....although thanks to social media and wagging tongues, things always come out.

    Hi Frendzz! I am a multi of a multi of a multi of a multi of a multi!

    I think desi people face many of the same parenting issues which other communities living in the same jurisdiction face. Desis are just not brave enough to admit. Be it teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol abuse, coming out as gay, being sent to jail for several years, and chronic mental issues.

    If I had to pick between A & B ten years ago, I would have picked A every time. I would have said that no matter what society or I think about a certain issue, I will always stand by my child. But now I would say that if God forbid such a thing were to happen to my child, I will give A a try whole heartedly to the extent that it does not start affecting the well being of any of my other children. But if option A starts affecting the well being of my other children, then I’ll start tilting toward option B. I hope no parent is put through such a situation but I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve also seen how sticking to option A alone for too long ruins the whole family.


      Probably why I am drawn to and have replaced most of these with KDramas, Every storyline is bespoke and helps the audience learn more about the field/ niche and with it teaches about the good traits resilience, friendship, compassion. Watch a PK drama and you ultimately are disgusted and then watch a K drama and you're thinking of wanting to become a better human being. Don't be fooled what you see on your screens subconsciously gets written and is used to form actions.
      yeah but no but yeah but...


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        Yep, agree. Media uses subliminal programming.