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    Originally posted by safari1 View Post
    Everything was going well since last week but a few days ago I had to go to the hospital due to shortness of breath due to my asthma. I usually get this around March and have an Advair Diskus inhaler, but I could not find it and being it was the middle of the night I went to the ER. The hospital ran some standard blood tests and found I had slightly elevated levels of potassium, which may be attributed to kidney disease.
    I know I may have some kidney impairment because of other various symptoms I have and past lab results but my doctor advised me to lose weight and fix my diet. The ER doctor advised me to follow up with my family doctor which I am going to do but I am on the course of focusing on my diet and I am finally making progress. Within the past week I have changed my diet, my mind has been focused on positivity and the last thing I need is to be told that I have another major disease or issue.

    I would rather be at a healthy weight and then be told I may have some health issue. If I do it now, I know I will not be able to focus on my weight/health goals. Would it be okay to forgo doing further tests until my target weight loss is achieved in about 6 months or just do it now as I may have a serious issue that I should address? I know I cannot get accurate advice since no one knows my complete medical history and I should follow the advice of my doctor, but just wanted another perspective anyways.
    I am still inclined to see what my doctor says, but the last thing I want is to have something going on and make it worse if I do not get it addressed.
    Get a decent job in a different city and get active in the masjid.
    The imam at our Islamic Center is an excellent counselor, let me know if that helps.
    The key to success is Sanu Ki