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    Originally posted by Bobby1 View Post

    It doesn’t matter where you have been but rather where you are going. Humans are not cars that we should look for zero mileage. People who have been in relationships before have more realistic expectations.

    Unless one thinks that they would compare poorly than they should look for someone who can’t tell the difference
    That's a lovely example. Very well said & fully agreed.
    Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some people abuse the privilege - Joseph Stallin.


      Originally posted by toobah View Post
      They think they are bholi bhali but they have done their fair share too, its just a mentality pf some desi guys that they are getting sharif girl through arrange marriage.

      btw what housewife has to do with all this??
      Most likely they fetch a perception based on what they see and know.

      For example, a girl taking proper hijab will most likely be taken as one who is not into other men. Reality can be entirely different. But people believe what they want to believe.
      In our society if you want to get a license for "other" things, change your attire and the appearance to give a modest look.
      Amir Liaquat is the male version of it.


        Originally posted by humming bird View Post
        Is it true what Mustansar sahib said?

        LOL! That is not fully true. Although I may be an exception but my husband married me while we used to meet chupp keh.


          Aurat us say chup k milti he kyu hai jo us say shaadi nahi karay ga?
          The key to success is Sanu Ki


            Originally posted by humming bird View Post

            Oh thanks for translation. didnt think of it.

            Some dont have a mother. But still same reaction. What can be the reason for that?
            You know what they say, choose a man who is nice to his mother and sister. Who helps the women in his family with chores! Who doesn't priortize talking to girls for hours over the phone but is lazy to do the dishes!
            Desi women need to take a look at their standards as well!
            If he can disrespect anyone for you, most probably he will disrespect you for someone else.
            The key to success is Sanu Ki