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She broke up with me

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    She broke up with me

    One of my really good friends from many years, recently broke up with me. Why you may ask?

    I have been talking to her on a daily basis for over a month to help her get through some personal issues. We hangout physically too often... after a while it kind of died down cuz either I was busy or she was.. she kept reaching out a few times to hang, but I declined cuz either I already had plans, or I was busy.. busy meaning, well I dont want to get into that, but I will say, there is something in my life going on which ties me up sometimes but no one knows to what extent who else is involved, that is for my knowledge only.

    anyway, she started getting frustrated and stopped reaching out to me. I still called, texted periodically. I come to find out that me trying to talk to her wasnt enough.. if we cant meet on her terms, then nothing else matters.

    i reached out and confronted her, and she broke our years worth of friendship over this.

    what did i do wrong. Pls tell me, cuz i dont want to make the same mistakes again. I dont understand why this is such a big problem to not be friends anymore

    Good friends normally dont breakup as SO relationships. I think you can win her back.

    But its good that you are asking this question which is self-analysis. Do you think you took her for granted? May be she felt ignored?

    Also may be its not your fault completely. It could be her fault as well. But in friendship we dont point fingers. Actually we do but just making fun. Not when its this serious.


      When people try to control you and engage in emotional blackmailing they are not really friends.
      I feel you are too nice and sometimes you need to put a higher value on yourself for people to see your value
      I know this amazing guy who is super nice to his clients and now they all think they can walk all over him
      You seem to be an empath and you should look at their personality traits


        Your friend wanted to meet on her own terms, this is not possible. If you are busy ... how could you meet? No consideration of years of friendship....
        In my opinion, if this friendship had ended, there is no need of winning her back. There are plenty of other people to spend time.... than a selfish friend....


          Famous scientist Confucious once said there are two typez of phrendz. One who are Asset and 2nd who are Asses

          Par yara dost to dost hen na.

          Go wave the white flag. Hor usse bhi baat na bane to wave the rainblow flag na. There will be kuch kuch hoeng then
          My degree of sarcasm is directly related with your level of stupidity.
          "Hamari Koi aur branch nahi hai"


            Maybe your friend knows about what's occupying you? Perhaps she is annoyed that not only did you not tell're also not spending time with her like you used too. Or, she is just a my way or the highway type of friend...if that's the case, then good riddance. I had one of those friends for many years & I'm finally free from it.
            Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some people abuse the privilege - Joseph Stallin.