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Advice needed on upcoming KHI Visit from Khites

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    Advice needed on upcoming KHI Visit from Khites

    I am going to be visiting Karachi in November. Initially i was only planning to come and visit my spouse for 2-3 days. However i have now extended my trip by 2.5 weeks and i will therefore have much more time to spend with her.

    We are still only nikkaofied and haven't gone through the remaining wedding functions yet as we are still going through the Spousal Sponsorship process and once that starts progressing, only then we can finalize the remaining wedding functions.

    I am trying to figure out and think of some out of the box ideas and activities that we can do, places we can visit in Karachi and where we can spend quality time together.

    I know of all the main resteraunts and shopping plazas but don't want to be eating out only in karachi or shopping 24/7 either. Someone recommended that i take her to an amusement park.

    Looking forward to people's suggestions, tips and advice

    Congratulations on your Nikah!
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      Congrats !!

      If you really want to enjoy the city then:

      1- Leave your expensive phone at home and borrow a phone that you would not regret losing.
      2- Do not keep any original documents, checks, credit cards, etc. in your wallet. Keep colored copies of ID instead.
      3- Pay with cash to avoid carrying credit cards.
      4- Be mentally prepared to hand over all your possessions in 15 seconds when demanded. NEVER resist.
      5- Do not tell Uber drivers, shopkeepers, etc. that you are visiting from abroad. Just say you’re visiting from Lahore/Rawalpindi.

      It's like making a backup of your computer. If the computer doesn't crash, we feel like an idiot but when it does crash, we feel like superman when we successfully restore it in no time.

      The place I hangout and enjoy the most during my visits is spending evenings with family in some well maintained nearby park. Go there with a small bed sheet to sit on, along with tea and samosas.

      You can also go to Bahria Town’s Adventure land on the super highway. That’s like six flags. The place is expensive but totally worth it. You can also go to Port Grand, which is a boardwalk next to a section of the sea with many fun activities such as karaoke, boat rides, food, sketching, painting, magic shows, etc.


        Let me check with my contacts there if they have any suggestions. Things have changed so much from what i remember lol
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