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Advise needed regarding extra marital affair

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    You were not getting the emotional support a wife & mother needs in a marriage so you looked outside of your marriage, its not ideal and definitely a wrong thing to do but the people & the eco system around you are just as much at fault as you are so don’t feel shameful alone. If they were to respect and love, care & nourish you through the multiple hats as a mother, wife, career woman you wore this wouldn’t have happened. Acknowledge that this was a mistake on both ends and seek counseling and start afresh! Life doesn’t stop & it almost always gives you a second chance!
    Dont let this define you and dont carry the burden & guilt of it all alone!


      You brother dig sensitive information, I feel so disturbing.
      Your husband is not working and fight daily, and suspect you being involved in extra marital affair, though you were not in affair, but his constant blame caused you to have one.
      Your BF was not loyal to you and did not approve the idea of secret wedding. You both are on mistake if he is not responding you why would you be worried.
      You have forgiven by your family. I really cannot understand if the problem was your husband or the BF who stop contacting you.


        not a single sentence I read where she took responsibility. "good looking/good family" "ugly lady"...ugh.
        The grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.


          Originally posted by Bobby1 View Post

          Yeah these damn middle aged married Saudi and Pakistani women travel to Thailand trying to exploit children
          Wow dude!!!
          Best reply. your responses make the most sense. It's sad to see some replies here.
          Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some people abuse the privilege - Joseph Stallin.