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    Originally posted by third string View Post

    Post your face too

    bobby'z face is so phamous everybody calls it with a name. It starts with a D and ends with 'k'
    My degree of sarcasm is directly related with your level of stupidity.
    "Hamari Koi aur branch nahi hai"


      Most pictures add 20 to 30 pounds to my weight. I’ve not been able to pinpoint the exact reason. Perhaps it is a combination of angles, my clothes’ color, and pose. Another problem that I have with my pictures is my facial expression which only rarely captures my mood. I could be really happy but the picture would suggest as if I was about to cry.

      Now to the questions:

      1- I think pictures taken on the same day, wearing the same clothes and at the same spot have little variations for me.

      2- Rarely I look better in photos.

      3- The only filters I try are the built-in filters in cameras that optimize for snow, sunlight, greenery, low light, etc. There are some filters that can change eye color, skin texture, hair color, and so on. I’m fine with them as people use them to see if something suits them. But wouldn’t advise using such pictures for rishta purposes.

      4- I love getting my pictures taken, and do not worry about looking bad in pictures. Even if 5% of pictures are good, they are worth it.