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getting rid of fear

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    getting rid of fear

    i understand respect is a good thing but theres a fine line between respecting someone and being afraid of them. how do you let go of fear of people family non family etc
    If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of payments. ~

    The people that you fear are just as flawed as you. They wake up with corner-crusted eyes and morning breath, they pass gas, they have made blunders, they have embarrassed themselves, and they have committed sins. If you have placed that person on a pedestal, then understand that no human being is perfect.

    Fear could be based on losing something. Fearing your boss because they could fire you. Okay. People get fired all the time. Allah will grant you another job. Bending over backwards to please a friend or a spouse for fear you will lose them. You will find other friends. You may find another spouse and if you don't, life will still go on because it stops for no one and so you will continue to breathe and exist.

    We read the words... 'I fear only Allah' ... in stories or we hear people say those words and maybe we even may have said them ourselves. But how many of us really truly believe those words? How many of us ..'only'...fear Allah (and not His creation)? He controls the lives of even those people you fear. He is watching and listening. He sustains you and can provide for you from means you never imagined. Those people that you fear are also dependent upon Him, even those that reject Him.
    Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala,Bura Naa Milya Ko'ee
    Jo Maan Khoja Apnaa,Tou Mujhse Bura Naa Ko'ee